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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    Hi, can you explain what you're looking for this to do? Not everyone is familiar with every mod and if you're looking for specific features that will help this discussion. Thanks.

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    Robin Rogge commented

    This would come with a bucket of problems.

    I'm not sure how the mod handles it but while it would theoretically be possible to implement this into the game, a lot of the game's core mechanics would need to be changed as well, that that could lead to a lot of "normal" game behaviour to change.

    The main problem I'm seeing would be chunkloading though.
    Currently, a chunk is loaded from top to bottom, so the Y coordinates of the sub-chunk don't matter. (At least as far as I'm aware.)
    If the Y-direction would not be limited the game would have to load an infinite amount of sub-chunks per chunk.
    Obviously this wouldn't work, so you would have to find a new system.
    A good approach would be to load the sub-chunks in a sphere around the player, however this would lead to new problems.
    If you are at the bottom of your (conceptional) mob farm, maybe it wouldn't work because the chunks don't load up high enough for mobs to spawn in the spawning chambers.
    If you are working with commands then you could not say for sure how high up you can adjust blocks, because placing a block outside of the world doesn't work.
    What if two players are in the same chunk but there are 100 unloaded sub-chunks on the Y axis in between them?

    These are only the things that immediately jump into my mind, not to mention things like save-file restructure, entity behaviour or server package management.

    As you can see there are tons of things that would have to be done to implement this, the question would be if you would even want the end result of this mountain of changes, because it would probably behave fundamentally different from the Minecraft we know and love today.

    If you do however have ideas on how to solve these issues please post them, I'm already looking forward to head your opinion on my thoughts!

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    William Miller commented

    In cubic chunks, the chunks are 16x16x16 cubes, so that sub-chunk problem you describes does not happen.  As for mob farms, that "problem" already exists in vanilla, albeit horizontally.  Why, then, is it such a bad thing vertically?  Think of the possibilities of what could be done with infinite height!

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    WataruOnAbout commented

    @Robin Rogge Those Problems are solvable, CubicChunks mod has shown it.

    Chunks should be cubic, to allow for more Freedom into the depths, maybe even make Minecraft more expandable to add more Ores. Or at least bigger Dungeons in the depths.

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