How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? What are we missing? Please explain what your "new mob" is designed to do, and why it is needed. We are interested in ideas that are unique!

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    SecretGuy001 commented

    Love it! But maybe change the effect to resistance while drinking a Potion of Defense.


      Here is an idea of what it could be like.

      Lvl 1: Resistance 1 for 2:00

      Extended: Resistance 2 for 5:00

      Lvl 2: Resistance 2 for 1:30

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    FluffyFoal91823 commented

    i think it's a good idea since in the real world they are endangered and so little people know about them it would create the perfect opportunity to help them and minecraft would be a credited for this idea 

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    Alexander Hope commented

    Great idea using Spider Eyes to feed insectivores! 

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    Damion Kennedy commented

    Two species it climbs tree and shrub land

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