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(Java Parity) Stats on screen (configurable)


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    Absolutely.  They could add a section of the menu and add the coordinates to it, since it fits in with other statistics well.  If I had the option to show biome on the screeen, I would add it in a heartbeat.

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    How do you Bedrockers not have this already?! XD

    Have a vote, hopefully Mojang gives this to ya'll

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    PCScreen commented
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    If anything they should at least make coordinates toggleable by using F3

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    DeeBusyBee commented
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    Having started on bedrock win 10, you wouldnt believe my excitement with the f3 menu in Java ed.(and I'm a nerd too, I guess! ;-) ) 
    Being able to tell:
    direction facing (so helpful travelling), light level, yeah biome, block type you're looking at, memory use, fps, coordinates at your feet and more; is invaluable. How you can toggle chunk borders and entity edges helpful too (when trying to get a turtle out of a boat without hitting it for instance).  I still havent figured out all f3can do.

    Hope they can add some at least of f3 info into bedrock. Being able to add it on screen would be fancy but could cover other elements of the game, good just to keep it like f3, a hud you can toggle i reckon.

    As it is, they should let you toggle where the coordinates are displayed and the size of them, too.  If they add more things to display the size and location should be adjustable too.

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    LegoSavant commented
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    this is needed

    but also what about things like a button combination to see things like the durability of an item like in java

    they wont need to bring over the entire debug menu but maybe just the parts that are most wanted

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    TubsO28 commented
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    let all platforms have an option in the settings menu or even chat menu to turn off and on "F3" or the world stats, also definitely not qualify it as a cheat, would only do harm than any good doing that. 

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    Xeyler commented
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    Information including location, light level, biome, and chunk boundaries are very nice to have. I'd love to see this included in the Bedrock edition!

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    Tina Pan commented
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    They should just add the debug screen. It's already in the game but is only accessible in developer builds.

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    MilbeKhan50 commented
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    They could make the biome information toggleable like the "show coordinates" option in the settings and add a similar gamerule.

    gamerule showbiome true/false

    This shows a line under the Position line:
    Position: x y z
    Biome: Plains

    Hopefully this gets added with the locatebiome command.