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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture. No guns.


Golden Doors/Trapdoors


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    All doors and trapdoors open instantly in Minecraft right now, what exactly do you mean by "opening more slowly"?

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    huntmom06 may have mixed up his purposes for the golden doors/trapdoors.  The "slow" movement probably refers to the modded doors that have a smooth, opening/closing animation.

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    huntmom06 commented

    1. I don't really use mods, if I do it's for about an hour to check it out, I'd prefer vanilla Minecraft over any modded version.

    2. I didn't really think about that when writing this, so maybe the door opening could just last more ticks then the other doors, or something like that.

    Thanks for pointing this out, I never would have caught that, thank you.

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    But the thing is, that's not how iron doors work. Iron doors/trapdoors are open when powered with redstone, and closed when they aren't. That's it. So while I like the consistency aspect of this idea, I'm still missing the utility aspect.

    One idea that people have suggested on reddit is to have these "locked" when powered by redstone, but "unlocked" - that is, openable and closable by hand - when unpowered. Thoughts?

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    Java Dragon commented

    @MacchuPicchu96 The idea with the locking is good.

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    Java Dragon commented

    @CopyableTrain02 You mean they'd break faster. 

    Zombies should be able to break them, but that action would be rarer than breaking wooden ones. 

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    For consistency, and seeing as how 1.14 opened up building options by adding more stairs and slabs, why not add diamond doors and trapdoors along with gold ones?  This would give not just one, but two different ores more creative building options than just standard blocks.  Also, if durability were to be taken in their functionality, a full line of iron, gold, and diamond doors would fit here.

    I think rather than having a rarity chance of breaking down iron doors or stronger doors with zombies, more hostile mobs could be given the ability to break down doors as appropriate (ex. illagers, skeletons, zombie pigmen, etc.) . The new door variants would resist longer than a wooden door, but the highest tier door would resist the longest against the strongest door-breaking mobs.

    If this doesn't work, redstone-locking could be a more interesting feature to go with the new doors.