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Terracotta Soldiers!


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    everblue22 commented
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    Cool idea!  It's true that the terracotta biome needs more stuff added, since it's so rare terracotta soldiers would greatly improve upon it!  Although I don't think terracotta should be stronger than diamonds, but terracotta blocks would look cool, so would terracotta horse armour.  I think 6o hits is a bit overkill, 6 would be a sufficient challenge.  How about when it takes fire damage it gets a "hardened" buff that would lower damage to it, you could put terracotta equipment in a furnace to make hardened terracotta equipment.  


    Btw, cool Chinese history reference to the terracotta army!  

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    There could be a Terracotta temple in the mesa biome with these mobs

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    Ero McDonald commented
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    I think it should be stronger than iron but weaker than gold. Nothing should be stronger than diamond, especially not terracotta, which is much easier to obtain. If I found a plains village, I could break their walls and make some armor and tools and never even need to get diamonds.

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    GumballMVF2 commented
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    I don’t think the terra cotta sword being stronger than diamond should be a thing maybe like iron or less.