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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.


Add Rare Relics to Minecraft (to accompany the Totem of Undying)

under review


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    All of these could take some damage value

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    Bkid1290 commented

    As for the end shot, I think you would have to add your enderpearl to it somehow, and could be in one of the end city chests as a rare item, instead of replacing the elytra.

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    The first 3 seem pretty over powered... even if they are hard to get

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    @Charles Hillman I'm open to any other ideas for "relicy" magic items.  The idea here is to add things similar to the totem of undying to give continuity to Minecraft's secondary theme of hidden magic.

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    Shade Heppner commented

    (Relic idea!) Staff of Fog: Envelops surrounding area in fog/clouds. Mob detection of mobs in the fog gets shortened to around 2-4, which is how far you'd be able to see if you were in it, apart from the user, who would not be affected. Could have 5 uses before needing to be refueled (Holding it while in actual clouds) with 25 total uses(crafted) or 150 uses(found).Can be crafted with 2 ghast tear(sides), an iron sword ( middle), 4 black stained glass (corners) and 2 obsidian(remaining spaces), found with a 3.5% chance in dungeons.

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    You thought these up to accompany the totem of undying, but they are way more op than it, thus it makes no sense.

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    @Giulio Cusenza what ideas or alternatives to these do you suggest?

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    @WolveReigner781 I really like the idea to accompany the totem to give it more sense, but I struggle to come out with concept. I just thought about a relic which regenerates very slowly your hunger, that would be useful in end-game. This wouldn't substitute food, it would be really, really slow, just enough to make a difference.

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    I think that would be awesome and something fun to do after you've already fought the bosses or give players that are bad at pvp an extra edge it also be fun to make more minigames with these

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    LlamaLeMan commented

    These options seem kind of OP but I think offhanded items (such as totem of undying) would be better. Possibly each totem would be obtained in dif worlds such as totem of fire resistance or totem of accuracy which would increase the accuracy of an ender pearl thrown


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    ClockSpiral . commented

    Mojang said they'd do this as unique dungeon loot... but little to none have been added...

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    Gerald Wilson commented

    In jungle temples, you can find: Amulet of resistance.

    Effect: If you get hit once, you get full damage, but activates a resistance 1 effect for 5 seconds. Then if you get hit again, you get hit with the damage reduction of resistance 1, but activate resistance 2. So on, until you activate resistance 4, then if you get hit, it resets, so it has to happen all over again. Place it in the offhand slot. This would be a good alternative to the shield. It’s rarer, but it’s a tidbit stronger than the shield, since you won’t be slowed down. But not to OP either, it’s maximum power only triggers at hit four, and everything resets the next hit.

    In desert temples, you can find: The Pyramidion.

    Effect: Literally a nuke, place able only in a desert biome. Causes a huge explosion, don’t know what you’re gonna use it for, if you’re talking about relics, you have to have dangerous ones too you know. The explosion size should be 5x the strength of a wither explosion.

    Killing an elder guardian should give you a small chance to get: Eye of the Guardian

    Effect: If you place it in your offhand you can shoot a laser beam like a guardian to the closest entity (except for yourself.) Not very OP, but gonna be a cool item anyways.

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    Mc Rat commented

    I really want to see these kinds of rare items in the game.

    Here's my idea:

    Golden Horseshoe

    It increases luck and causes better loot items to appear in loot chests, when equipped in the chestplate slot.

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    Relic idea:How about a sword you could get from a mansion or the evoker itself. it could be a sword that could do maybe four or five damage but if you point at a block and attack one of the pincer things comes out and does like maybe 7 damage. and maybe puting it in the anvil with a totem or emerald could restore its durability. drop/spawn rates should be low however as you could basically just waltz in find a chest or tnt an evoker and basically get a diamond sword

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    adding on to my relic sword pincer thing i forgot to add a name possible effects and maybe durability plus some other stuff:for the name i think relic sword or mystic sword would be cool and all but deity swordi really liked as its strong(i know it only does like four damage but just wait) but still pretty old its a relic after all. i allso think that it should have increased reach just maybe half a block more or so but it also disables you from having and offhand items except maybe some kind of vex drop like wings. i think wings because this item when equiped and when holding the deity sword with it could allow you to dash in and direction and it should allow you to go through any wall exept barriers and such. the dash however should have to recharge for atleast ten seconds as it would be way to OP if you could just use it over and over also the dash would help with elytra flight and travel if you dont have the elytra. as for the vex wings they should be a common drop as the sword is already hard to get but i think the wing should be only a one in three chance as that seemed good to me at the time. i have close to no design suggestions really because if i did i would make it basicall a stone swordl my one suggestion is maybe make the blade saw like or something

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    and of course i forgot durability. i think the sword should have maybe the same durability as an iron or stone sword. tell me if i forgot anything else

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    Blast Burner commented

    I to also have a suggestion.

    The Golden Gleaming Pickaxe: It will mine faster than a Golden Pickaxe and it has more durability then a Golden Pickaxe.

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    Grey Wolf74 commented

    I agree with this idea because Minecraft is a fantasy game and yet it has little magic, these ideas could spice the game up a bit and would make the genre “fantasy” a bit more believable.

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    rayo azul 87 commented

    Saquen más cosas del totem y más snapschot

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    ZETHAN99 commented

    Destroyer's Crown sounds cool, just imagine taming a suicide-bomber squad of creepers to blow up your friend's house!

    I like the Endshot idea, but maybe something slightly different? Perhaps like LlamaLeMan's idea of the Totem of Accuracy, it could make anything you shoot or throw unaffected by gravity (and despawn once it hits y=256 so that they don't start making lag).

    That Blazethrower sounds friggin' awesome. Maybe you could sneak+right click to change modes from vertical to horizontal to square? Square would take more durability than horizontal or vertical because there would be more fire shot from it.

    The Sandblower sounds... well, as you put it, strange. Maybe it could break a 3x3x3 area of sand, where the center is the block you targeted?

    I also had an idea to change the Totem of Undying to an Amulet of Revival, you could wear it in your chestplate slot or maybe in a special jewelry slot.

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    Falanero Moje commented

    Joker artifact:

    - has 1 charge

    - makes an exact copy of selected item

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    FlaviusFire commented

    I'd like to see more uncraftable items of power, like the Totem of Undying, Elytra, and the sort of things described here. I know that one of the main mechanics of Minecraft is to be able to craft stuff, but eventually it becomes sort of a "am I at the tier to craft that powerful item yet?" I'd like to see some more items that can really only be found by exploration.

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    jeech2011 commented

    Really cool idea! it is simple and cool.

    though these items should be nerfed a bit, (EX blazethrower using blaze powder or something.)

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    Lailamg100 commented

    Im in love with the crown, great idea! Sand blower, what’s the purpose? The others, pls pls pls pls nooooooooooooooo

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    And we would actually like them to be rare :)

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    Minecraft should have more biome-specific BIG rare structures, like Wooden Mancion. Larger Dessert temples.

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    The sand blower would be mostly useless if it just digs really fast. We already get insta mine with sand at about efficiency 3 diamond shovel. You really cant get faster than that. Everything else looks great, though. It would be nice to be able to repair these things.

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    I love this, especially the idea of having a crown in Minecraft.

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    I love this Idea i think a Rare Water Dungeon Item were also cool like a Rain Scepter that would you allow to change the weather, and maybe you can throw with the scepter that make a bit Damage :D
    I dont know xd

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    J Scorpion commented

    The Totem of Death,
    This totem steals xp from over mobs that you kill and uses it to give you extra health preventing you from death until your extra health has been used up. This item depletes over the time that you use it and eventually breaks, like the Totem of undying.