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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical slabs.


Bucket Of Paint *item*


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    fidelianerina commented

    Reminds me of the old extra utilities mod almost. Though I feel it should also work on stonebrick.

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    I have always wanted to paint my walls in Minecraft, and adding dye to water is a great idea. Also could it work on bricks too please?

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    I think it should paint any block? I mean the people who make houses out of diamond and emerald, could paint their house!

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    JurscBeaver commented

    If it was treated like a painting that was totally flat, it could cover only one surface of the block. Then your house walls could be 1 block thick but have different color rooms inside. Turn the painting icon into an expanding painting menu to 16 colors + the standard painting (or to be really nice, expand the normal paintings to be able to choose which one as well). 😁

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    RyderX1337 commented

    I think using a cauldron to mix dyes, just how it works with armour, would be a good idea. Then just take the dyed water out with a bucket and make it change one side of the texture of a block, when used upon.
    I really love this idea!

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    LLTCAcul750 commented

    Right... they should add paint because it’ll keep the inside and outside different. So wooden houses can have white interior walls and etc. but I think paint should go with the texture of the block. It looks realistic that way.

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    Danika Turner commented

     Great idea I hate how we have to put two blocks so the other side is one colour and the inside is another colour 

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    floriske77 commented

    Instead of a bucket you could use a cauldron, and dye the water to the colour you want, that finnaly gives a good utility to the cauldron!!


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    this would be so good in the game so you wouldn't need to double block you walls or exterior