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Additional Banner designs (was: Improved Banners)


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  • Official comment

    Please keep suggestions focused on a single idea per post. There are really interesting suggestions here, but they really belong in their own posts. (I would edit your post to just discuss banner designs, since the banner and bed idea already has a topic devoted to it.)


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    Method7ego commented

    I like the idea of combining a banner with a bed to have the pattern display on the bed.

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    Thebirdman567 commented

    It’s all a great idea, but maybe the heart could be a peony rather than pink dye.

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    @Thebirdman567 Updated! Now the heart is pink dye, peony or alium!

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    brenn boyer commented

    craft an elytra with a banner for custom wings

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    DazzlingCape commented

    As well as new patterns with new items, I really want to see more patterns in general, now that the loom is being included, basic stuff like horrozontal stripes or zig zags would be easy to implement.

    Tried recreating some old coat of arms and even ones with the most basic designs, Mojang doesn't have a pattern close to it.

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    AKAMIKAZEL commented

    why can't we have every item be patterned for banners? 


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    AKAMIKAZEL commented

    get mob heads for all mobs and be able to pattern them too.