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More detail/advanced trees (was: Trees)


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    DartMNKY commented
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    I agree!

    More tree styles would make the forests and trees in general much more detailed and beautiful.

    Also they would make Jappa's textures look better.

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    Kassie Cole commented
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    Maybe like cherry trees and maple trees of make it to where you can dye wood to make different colors of it if you can please do this I am sure many people would want this. Thankyou <3

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    Ramen Naruto commented
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    With the addition of trees such as maples, Mojang could add an autumn forest biome with red, orange, and yellow leaves. These forests would be rare, and contain large oaks and maples. This biome might satisfy people rooting for the addition of seasons.

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    Guy Desroches commented
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    I agree... Apples from an Oak tree??? How about Oaks are oaks and we have apple trees? What about Walnuts? Walnut trees would add a new tree and a new food.