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Komodo Dragon/Gecko (was: Passive and hostile reptiles (was: More Reptiles))


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    Looks like there is already an existing thread on this topic for alligators and crocs, but we're leaving this for the komodo dragon and gecko.

    Please add your ideas to existing threads before creating duplicates on the same topics whenever possible, though. :)

    Cutting down on duplicate threads will allow relevant threads and ideas to stay together so they can receive the attention they deserve from our developers.

    We want to help everyone have their ideas succeed. Thanks for your contribution.

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    Komodo dragons should be hostile and poisonous.

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    vasile9999 commented
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    ResolvedNest717 right.And gators should be neutral.One of the key differences between crocs and gators is that crocs are much more aggressive.

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    Good idea but what about adding snakes as a new neutral mob as well 

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    A Crocodile commented
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    Geckos could spawn at night

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    sarukoclaps commented
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    I own a gecko right now and I plan on getting more reptiles such as a lace monitor, argentine tegu, ball python, and others. So i think this a great idea I hope you get more votes so this can be possible. I love just learning things about the Minecraft mobs like turtles. Me and my friends would breed the turtles make habitats for them have certain spots for them to lay eggs we treated them like real animals. I would like to do the same thing I do for the turtles for the lizards and other reptiles. And I suggest that certain lizards should be able to sit on your Minecraft characters shoulder because that’s one thing they do, so basically the same thing as birds. Thanks for hearing me out.