Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? What would they do? How would they look? Why do we need them?

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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    Please see: 


    We're super excited about these updates and look forward to seeing further discussion on this idea!

    New in BETA

    Experimental Gameplay: (Only available when Experimental Gameplay is enabled in world settings)

    • Crossbow weapon with new enchantments
      • Multishot
      • Piercing
      • Quick Charge


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    DINORAR2017 commented

    Cool Idea, but I think the "Reloading" enchantment should have a more wizard-like theme. Maybe: "Replenishing"?

    Also, I think iron ingots should additionally be used in the crafting.

    Oh, and, some Minecraft mods have bows that shoot in straight lines with no trajectory. I think this property should be used in the Crossbow.

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    KindredNebula commented

    Maybe the reload time could just be the cooldown time for Java players. I'd think it should be crafted with iron, and be as durable as an iron sword. Regular bow enchantments could also be applied to it, however.

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    DKMiner81 commented

    Can cross bow be a super ranged weapon?

    Because we have bow but cross bow needs to be different. So add a option for zoom to see farther targets easily.

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    Knighthawk21822 commented

    Can this idea be optimised to work on phones

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    elecspeedoo commented

    Why not add grappling. Since you made the trident which has the loyalty and a rope pulls it back why not do it the other way with the crossbow 

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    QIuguo86 commented

    crossbows,It doesn't take that long to load a crossbow!2s."诸葛连弩"Even faster

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    supahdave564 commented

    A cool idea I thought of when mining in a ravine too tall to climb was of if the crossbow could shoot torches so one could more quickly light areas. This could come from whether it be a special type of crossbow, a harder to craft crossbow, or a certain enchantment that allows things like torches to be shot out. That'd be an awesome feature :D


    Edit:  Or maybe even shoot flares? (New light source?)         \(O.O)/


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    JacktheWizard42 commented

    To make it different from a bow you could add a sight or some other kind of aiming reticle.

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    PeakLocket94130 commented

    Cool and strongly agree

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    Airtheoutcast commented

    I would say change the stick with one or two iron ingots so the extra DMG is awarded

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    Tdoug105 commented

    Yes yes yes do the crossbow it will be an awesome idea


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    Dragonstorm9795 commented

    This may sound crazy, because it is, but i think that there should be an enchantment where you can fire a sword out of a crossbow to do significant damage


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    HaleyVale commented

    could we have explosive arrows and port arrow please? :p

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    QuincyW13 commented

    It's a good idea but the fact that the enchant how long will it take to reload with the enchant

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    R Sangster commented

    I use the "R" key to toggle camera because it's faster to reach the button. I think it's more natural to right click once to reload then again to fire. If you switch hotbar slots while reloading, the reload is auto-cancelled. For the reloading enchant, the equation for the reload time should be something around...


    T = reload time in seconds, L = level

    T = 2 - L * 0.25

    So the times for each level will be:

    None     2.00 seconds

    I     1.75 seconds

    II     1.50 seconds

    III     1.25 seconds

    IV     1.00 seconds

    V     0.75 seconds

    Maximum survival no cheat enchantment is V, with the maximum from enchanting being IV, but V being obtainable from anvils like the Power enchantment. Higher levels are possible with commands and they follow the same linear scaling until level VIII or higher, wherein the reload is instantaneous and will work with a single click, allowing the player to fire with the second click.

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    ghozt2002 commented

    I’m so exited for a cross bow 

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