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Coyotes!!! πŸ˜€


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    I like the idea, they wouldn't be darker. If anything, they would be lighter in color. They would usually come in Sandy yellow/blond colored fur. I really don't think that they should make the model any smaller then the wolf model either, sense their would barely be a difference;however, if it where foxes, then it would, in fact, be worth making the modle smaller. They also would never just run away from any canines. They would actually just attack any outside packs if they are hunting for food (even if it where a bear) but will still be willing to let other canines join their packs.

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    BeefcakeMan02 commented

    You could breed them with wolves to make Coy wolves.

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    I think they should only spawn in Mesas and Deserts

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    Mc Rat commented

    Would be cool if they hunted & howled at night

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    A couple of things to note:

    • Coyotes would have lighter fur, a more yellowish bay colour.
    • Coyotes don’t attack humans, rather animals.