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A Light Command (/light)

under review


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    ofir gurevitz commented

    I would be able to make a command block flashlight with that!

    Thats a great idea and I want it to be added o:

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    Or maybe (more like the fill command) /light ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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    oneabbaone commented

    Maybe like 

    /light fill ~ ~ ~ ~10 ~10 ~10 8

    /light set ~ ~ ~ 8

    Or, if the developers can work it out,

    /light x1 y1 z1 [x2 y2 z2] <lightvalue>


    /light 345 73 -278 338 80 347 7

    If you set lightvalue as >15 then it will say: Too many blocks in the specified area. (Maximum 32768. Specified [value])

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    You should be able to make a high light level that visually looks dark.  That way, you could build things with dark areas without any mobs spawning.

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    Yes this would be great! I'd love it !!

    I could then make the new lantern in beta do something!

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    /light <add/remove> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ <distance> <color>

    The ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ because if you wanted to light a hole room it would be easier to use location-location rather than a single location.

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    ItzTomaMC commented

    Awesome idea! Would do great as hidden lights

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    SamJBarney commented

    This command should also allow you to query the light at the block position

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    ShockwaveMC1 commented

    People could abuse this then just use /light ~~~ 10000 which will blind people.

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    That would not be possible because the maximum light level in Minecraft is 15.  Even if it weren't, it couldn't blind people because computer screens are not bright enough.

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    Yes, you're a very good idea. I had the same idea. I thought about updating this instruction on 1.14. Lol In this way, as we used command to make firearms, we would not have to consider the light source.

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    Zev Gordon commented

    I Think it would be like /light <x> <y> <z> <brightness> <size>


    Size would be optional, but you could create a huge circle, or just illuminate 1 block. Size would be the diameter of the circle. If no value is given, then it has the range of a torch.

    Brightness would be from 1-15 and would set the light level of the immediate block, and then get smaller when it gets farther away.

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    I think there should be these light commands

    1. /light create x y z (creates a light source) or /light create x y z
    2. /light set x y z x2 y2 z2 (sets a specified area's light level) or /light set x y z x2 y2 z2 (allows control of light without visually seeing it (set true by default))
    3. /light delete <name>
    4. /light list <page no.>

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    Xela S commented

    /light add block < x > < y > < z > < light level >
    Example: /light add block ~~~ 15

    /light add dimension < x1 > < y1 > < z1 > < x2 > < y2 > < z2 > < light level >
    Example: /light add dimension ~~~ ~12 ~12 ~12 7

    /light add entity < target > < light level >
    Example: /light add entity @e[type=cow,c=3] 15

    /light remove < x > < y > < z > [x] [y] [z]
    Example: /light remove 0 4 0
    Example: /light remove 0 4 0 10 5 -10

    /light remove < target >
    Example: /light remove @p[team=red]

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    amrtarek ct commented

    & What about make the light comes from something like an block or entity ^-^