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Bees, Bee Hives, Honey



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    方 祉鉴 commented

    I think this idea is very good, but it can be done with mod. Adding too many models can make the material package maker very hard.
    (I am from China, there may be a grammatical error, please understand)

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    Calev Berger commented

    @latchedpath6362, honey restores two food bars as mention.

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    Scribbles SB commented

    What if bees when present would allow flowers to propagate, like red and brown mushrooms do. So flowers could be renewable.

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    khloe w commented

    this sounds really cool!!

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    While I have no issues with this idea, I would prefer for this to have a farming method

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    William Rey commented

    You could also use the beeswax from the hive to make candles. And if you also add holdable torches, a "burn out" mechanic can be added. Candles would burn brighter and longer than torches but can only be placed on level surfaces.

    I like the idea of being able to see the bees flying around nearby the hive and every few minutes, after the bees collect their pollen, you can follow the bees back to the hive.

    If Mojang decides to add a fishtank mechanic (totally different topic, I know) as well, the glass jars used to store fish could also be used to display bees/insects and even honey, which can have different color tones depending upon the flowers the pollen was taken from. That might be a little extreme and unnecessary but as a big fan of the outdoors, bees, and honey, I think it could be fun.

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    LikaLarukuToo commented

    Bees & butterflies.


    Microsoft could even benefit from adding these to the game by spreading awareness of the global epidemic of bees dying off.


    There could even be a hostile mob; Asian Hornet or Africanized Killer Bee.

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    Here is my take on honey/bee hives, similar info is also under a larger suggestion about "Food Expiring and Preserving." The honey will be acquired from a new block, the bee hive. This block will be roughly the size of a player head or lantern and will hang from under the leaves of oak trees. Instead of having an actual bee mob to defend the hive, when the bee hive is broken, a particle effect resembling a bee swarm will be released. It will function as dragon's breath and only stay in the one area. If the player is in this swarm however, then they will take slow tick damage until hopping into water. Similar to dragon's breath, the swarm will slowly disappear after a short time. When broken the bee hive will drop 2-3 pieces of honeycomb. 6 pieces  of honeycomb (3 along each side), a chest (in the middle), and two wooden slabs (top & bottom middle) can then be combined in a crafting table to create an apiary. The apiary will require an input of glass bottles (either directly by the player or by a hopper into the apiary's inventory), it will then turn these into honey jars overtime (which can also be pulled out with another hopper). In order to produce honey jars, the apiary will need to be within 4 blocks of flowers (similar to crop land being close to water to stay hydrated). The more flowers the faster the honey production. When successfully surrounded by flowers, the apiary will emit minimal bee particles to show it is working. (Either these particles are just for looks & they do not damage, or they could deal damage to any person/mob who did not place the block).The honey jars produced can then be applied to the different foods to create "glazed" variants. The glazed variants of different meats will last longer before expiring. (Side note, all foods now have an expiration timer. More info in its own post) The apiary will also produce honeycomb but at a slower rate than that of honey, in order to be able to make more apiaries.

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    I think that this could be cool. Though, I think it should be possible to become a beekeeper to peacefully harvest honey. Good idea.

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    Žan Zamuda commented

    I like bugs so you got a vote from me

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    Patrick H commented

    I would love to see beekeeping added.  Perhaps add a net for catching bees and then a bee boxes as a new block that can be crafted and have bees placed inside and produce honey based on the concentration of flowers within a few chuncks.

    Bee nest like you describe is not the way honeybees nest.  I would make it so that the "bee tree" is a special oak tree that contains a hive block or bees that you can capture and breed in bee boxes.  I would love to see active real beekeeping added to the base game.

    Love the idea.

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    maybe a giant behve could be a structure and bees are i block tall. spides eat bees

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    GrasshopperDK commented

    Capturing a queen bee to make a "honey bee hive" as opposed to a "wild bee hive?"
    And clicking on a hive to upon a menu similar yo crafting tables, potion stands etc.
    The hive will fill up at a rate, affected by quantities of flowers around, variety of flora, presence of water, whether s stream, source block, or in a cauldron?
    Bee hives will slowly fill, Queens will slowly loose "durability" but a large enough hive, with enough honey left will produce a single spare queen. She can be moved to a new hive.
    Hives can be broken open by bears?
    Now that I think of it. Perhaps a standard vial or bottle wouldn't work. Maybe a new jar would work.
    Anything extra like brood, or combs might be a little too much.
    Remembering it needs to be user friendly.

    Perhaps rather than, multiple stings adding up to do damage. If wild bees are aggitated/aggressive, there's a chance one bee would place an "allergy" effect on a player. Just like poison or any other status effects.

    Going back to flora. Perhaps while bee mobs hum and buzz around, crops could be boosted, perhaps to the value of a single bonemeal. Maybe with a random tick time limit before the crop or maybe even sapling can be effected.
    Sunflowers might give a high yield of pollen to bees.
    This in turn means a bee "fills" faster. The more varieties of flora within the hives bubble of influence, the faster the "arrow(?)" (like on furnaces or potion stands) works to fill the hives storage by another % (or whatever unit it may be).
    Bees don't work during rain or snow, without cover. Bee hive worker range might drop in snow biomes or drastically in Messa biomes. Hive growth within an area could be slowly reduced if more are added. As too few flora would be available for too many hives. The workers wouldn't bring enough pollen back to be turned into honey to feed the Queens and brood. (brood doesn't need to be animated or calculated)
    Flora could be given a second set random rick time for pollen to be spawned back again. So too many hives in an area, would over work the flora. This helps prevent massive and or oversized honey farms. Flora might need to be on cultivated or grass blocks, with some exposure to natural light too.

    Lastly, leather armour (only) can be given a "bee net," "sting proof," "bug proof," etc enchantment or maybe leather helmets (maybe and chest armour) can be crafted into beekeeper armour or suit. With string around it?
    This makes you immune to the possibility of taking a half heart of damage. A bee might have a % chance to cause that damage, and the "allergy" status effect can't be placed on a player wearing said armour.
    Being near a wild hive has a chance to aggravate, or sprinting near domestic hives will aggrovate?
    Honey bees generally aren't aggressive, they have too much work to do for them to care about farmers.

    I'm not sure how else I could contribute now, but I know for certain, it needs to be user friendly, and brought to the Devs in a way, that they think the idea would fit the game mechanics well.

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    DocProc64 commented

    Honestly this should DEFINITELY be added. And maybe Honey can be crafted into hexagon-textured Honey blocks.

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    Meiro Shuen commented

    I think if they add Bees they should be a none hostile mob, they should attack only when you get near the hive like said in the post. But lets say you acquire a bee hive and you take it to a farm location, you should be able to place it back down for a bee colony to spawn and so you can farm off honey. This would also require the developers to make a recipe to make a honey extractor (The Extractor would be a block that fills up with honey over time. Flowers have to be around the area to make this process work) so you can make various items and eat to regain hunger (1-2 hunger bars). They would also have to make an item so when you go into the honey farming area you can calm the Bees down so they don't attack while you go near the hive or extractors. If you are playing on server you can sell honey or eat it. This would be a great idea to make since they already added parrots, turtle and all the other animals.

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    Grimm 2003 commented

    Great idea but the bees must do more damage and a single bee can only sting you once and then they die so they should probably be in huge swarms

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    Lenny Bright commented

    it would fit into the minecraft eco-system if they can act as natural bone-meal

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    yummy idea, i agree. 

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    itsMBN commented

    That sounds like a great idea for the new update 1.15

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    mina0608 commented

    This is a great idea but I think there needs to be more bees near the hive. They should also be in areas or biomes with flowers. I also have a question. Do bees only sting players or do they sting mobs and villagers too?

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    Legacy PainZz commented

    I would enjoy such though perhaps there is a Queen as well, and the bee's swarm, attempting to keep the player away whilst the Queen retreats (the Queen having a special drop series, two items being fairly common, one being rarer?)

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    Good Idea


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    KittyAvah123 commented

    I thought that if bees were added, you could craft a bee suit using leather and something else, and then the bees would sting you less. And if you take off the suit, you can collect the stingers left on it.

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    Kylie W commented

    It'd be a good idea for bee hives to spawn in flower forests, sunflower fields, basically any place with an abundance of flowers. As an extra incentive for the player to utilize beehives, you could craft a beehive (or use a silk touch pick on one) to attract bees and place it near your farm, so the bees could pollinate the crops and speed up growth. 

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    Wannabe Slav commented

    If they add Bees and stuff, they should add different bear varieties that also go after Bee Hives, like a Brown or Black bear. Also the bears should have a chance to drop one and if you get stung a lot there should be a poison effect


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    Hives should act as spawners. Right clicking the hive gives up to 3 honey. Honey can be automatically collected by dispensers with shears. Each bee does 1 damage (or 2 on hard mode). Flowers (within 10 blocks) cause more bees to spawn, but increase production of honey. Hives can be crafted with honey and bees. Bees will drop themselves 20% of the time, when killed.

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    I'm a fan of the bees. They should be just as important in Minecraftia as they are in the real world.

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    Mc Rat commented

    Maybe  honey should replace milk as the thing that cures potion effects?

    Since in real life honey has healing properties, while milk doesn't make sense (even if it doesn't need to in Minecraft)

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    Hives should generate honey and honeycomb when flowers are within 30 blocks. The honey comb can be turned into honey or used to make a new hive.

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    I like the idea but it would be nice if u could make another food with the honey