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Goblins in Minecraft! πŸ˜€


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    I would suggest that their main feature actually be that the can interact with containers such as chest or shulker boxes. This would be completely unique to the Goblin and would give a reason for the defense of your storage other than players.

    If Goblins do spawn with some random loot make sure that even the most advanced mob farms would get diamonds in less than 0.1% of each Goblin that spawns. This way, everyone will accept that even mining with an unenchanted iron pickaxe is more effective than an Ilmango-designed 0.7 diamond per hour Goblin farm (I do not have Ilmango's approval to post this and will not profit over this comment/reply).Β 

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    HobnobsRGr8 commented

    I like this but I would rather they spawned underground and were able to come up to the surface to raid your storage boxes necessitating the need for security in your storage rooms/mine shafts.Β 

    Perhaps Goblin stashes should spawn underground too with a chest of random loot mostly low value but occasionally something cool.

    Hostile mobs should be neutral towards the goblins but goblins run away from them anyway and if you kill a goblin after it has stolen from one of your chests the item should be dropped.