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(Java Parity) Off Hand Slot


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    Hi there,

    Please be specific. What items are you looking for?



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    Ray Rayoch commented

    @Nova when you deleted mine I didnt mean the same thing...I havent asked for it to hold more stuff...I wanted the slot to be accessible when opening a chest or using an anvil...

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    kRage 123 commented

    I am a normal guy and I don’t know any coding but my idea was that when you tap on one side of the screen it uses the hand so when a player taps the left side the character uses his left and same for the right and as for sweeping edge and the other things in Java combat the script can just be duplicated I hope this helps and this is what you meant.

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    kai wilson commented

    I think you should be able to put tools/weapons in your off hand slot and be able to use them such as having a sword in one and a pickaxe in the other. In my opinion this would be a very good feature.

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    I think in bedrock we should be able to have and use torches and rockets in our offhand. It would be helpful for when your mining or say working on a building project in the air.

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    Sennaton13244 commented

    I want to be able to access the "use" function of any item in your off-hand (right click, left trigger, and maybe a button on-screen for mobile)

    Also, I want to be able to store anything there.

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    LJGaming0909 commented

    I know that the ps3 isn’t getting anymore big updates, but I think a good little update to the ps3 game mechanics is that you can actually hold torches and your tools in your off hand, also rockets aswell for when you have an elyctra on because as the moment all you can have in your off hand is your map, which is good, it helps been able to see the entire map, but these other features would help with the gameplay I think, especially when you have mending on certain items and you are trying to repair them, thank you for reading

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    I was just thinking that it would be nice to be able to have a lead in the off-hand. The only way to avoid redundancy would be to add controls for specific off-hand items. Similar to crouch+interact to access a mount's inventory.

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    I think what he or she meant was that we should be able to use the off-hand slot like the java edition, in which you could hold, use and place every item. But in bedrock and pocket edition you can only hold certain items(shield, the totem of undying, maps, etc. ) only. I, personally, would love to see that as well so please put that into consideration.



    Thank you.

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    In bedrock edition add where you could have blocks in the off hand it would be so nice like if you were building you could have a pickaxe in the other hand so if you miss place a block you could break it and place blocks without having to switch from the pickaxe to the blocks over and over again when you miss place a block

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    At least I want to be able to hold items in the off hand even if it doesn't have functionality, for example fixing tools with mending easily by holding them in the off hand while killing mobs with the other hand.

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    Hyromius commented

    Food. Torches.

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    FishEpicMan2 commented

    @Nova I think he means generally everything and I personally think torches like in Java

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    Yeah, it's been a good discussion so far. :)

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    I would like to see the ability to use the off-hand for more than just holding a shield. I would like to be able to use it to dual wield weapons. hold use rockets torches, tools, etc. it is great if you held a torch or lantern that it would provide light 

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    ErmitaHere commented

    This feature on Bedrock should work the same way it does on Java.

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    I want to be able to mend my pickaxe or shovel by having it in my off hand while fishing or killing mobs, this would allow me to do that. At least allow tools and torches to be put in the off hand

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    GrannyTFierce commented

    YES!  Then we could mend more tools at a time, and well it should be the same as JAVA!  I sometimes feel like Bedrock is the unwanted stepchild of Minecraft!  Really.... we get updates later, and when we get them they do not have half the things that are given to Java.

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    Gryff4287 commented

    I was wondering if the staff could make the off hand more like Java edition. Where you can put blocks, rockets, food, torches, tools and ect in you second hand and be able to switch them at will. That would be wonderful

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    Aspring15 commented

    I think it needs to be almost exactly like the java edition. So you can have something like Torch in your offhand and you can place it down while having the Pickaxe in your main hand. It would be much easier caving if you can have your pickaxe in your main hand and place torches in your offhand. Players would benefit from being able to build while having a tool in your main hand. I think that you need to be able to put any item in your offhand even if it wouldn't help you. With this, a keybind for swap hands and changing your main hand to your left hand. Just like the java edition.