Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? What would they do? How would they look? Why do we need them?

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    edsel330 commented


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    whitecollartras commented

    Manchineel trees!
    Yes its crab apples are poisonous but that could be used for potions... Dont stand under it in rain or you will die.. its a coastal tree so it would need to plant like sugarcanes.. and since it is equatorial maybe desert ish biomes..
    Trees are passive but this could transcend that definition... It could be great for defensive perimeters as it would slowly sap lifepoints untill clear from it or immersed in fresh water.. maybe it grows near brackish water only.. but how could we use the wood from it as in life the sap is toxic.. maybe dry it out like kelp but definitely cant make a bed with its wood..
    Nor could you use manchineel wood to make tools...
    Just an idea...

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    Nugi 16 commented

    I hope the bamboo plank or Block added in Minecraft :)
    It's look good for Building
    (Sorry for Bad english)

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    MagicDiamond40 commented

    banana trees and bananas should be in the jungle

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    PlatonicMink437 commented

    palm trees would be nice. they would spawn in beaches and deserts and it would be a simple nice addition to the game.

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    Braedyn Vest commented


    Now these trees are a deep red and grow taller than jungle trees and grow to 9 blocks diameter

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    Ilovekittys24 commented

    Can we use the bamboo to make rope or instruments or even a basket too? I think it is a good idea!

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    Franklin Gómez commented

    Well, since villages are getting an overhaul, why not to add more crops? to expand the harvest and flora world

    I mean, depeding on the village and biome, a crop and bush variaty could grow, adding more identity to the local culture and customs of the village, such as dishes and uses for those crops

    depending on the biome and even if the game gets a "seasons" update, some crops could take longer to grow on certain temperatures or seasons, not meaning they can't grow in other type of conditions like: Spring Tomatoes, Turnips and Strawberries, Summer Pineapples, Corn and Blueberries, Autumn eggplants, Spinach and Raspberries, or Winter Potatoes, Rye and Blackberries.

    Or how about a local biome fruit tree?

    Just to mention it dosen't have to be that much but still someting little diferent to grow on each village.

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    Coral0357 commented

    Bamboo should look like sugar cane but darker in color and has to be broken by an axe

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    Coral0357 commented

    Can we have ornaments for Christmas trees? They would be a little smaller then cocoa beans and dyed in all colors. They could be crafted by clay and dye.

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    Ahmed Shehab commented

    This bamboo must have a panda :):):)

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    GameMonkeyDev 48 commented

    Good idea

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    Never Ever commented

    I want the same, who’s ready for corn?

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    ClockSpiral . commented

    Weeping Willows & Mangroves in Swamps

    Olive Trees in Savannas & Mesas

    Banyan Trees in Jungles

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    William Miller commented

    I think trees should grow differently when planted depending on the biome.

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    Mc Rat commented

    Hi, I made a post with 3 new dangerous plant ideas if anyone wants to check it out:


    I decided to link it here since the ideas are related.

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    SqueakyGoat2310 commented

    I would love to see more plants! Making gardens would be better with a wider variation of plants and flowers.

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    KinectFun commented

    I love this! Minecraft really does need more plants. These ideas would change Minecraft forever

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