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Caves Update



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    I think there should by cave biomes. (warm, cold and others) each biome would spawn different ore on different levels. Also more stone variations to make bricks, tools and other materials. And a new career for villagers (the miner who collects and sells ores and stone variations

    • copper
    • ruby
    • titanium
    • steel

    These would make new types of tools and armor too. (Maybe even stronger than netherite 


    (sorry if I misspelled anything)

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    More minerals: I would love more types of ores added to a cave update, comparable to a real world equivalent. Ores that exist in a more recognizable geological places, like types of stone that pair with a certain mineral, like gold in quartz veins. Iron that exists in stone that is oxidized and stained a rusty red color. Nodules to be discovered inside of rock, like a Geode.

    Cave biomes: Caves should have a verity of biomes, like lush, barren, crystal/cavern, ice, bio luminescence that are dry caves, or flooded and each have unique appearance with and eco system.

    Ambiance: Caves should also have unique ambient sounds, music and fog.

    Mobs: Also unique mobs would be nice, it could be more types of anthropoid mobs, but could be a mix of hostile/neutral/passive.

    Loot: Caves can feature unique loot in chests, or some rare treasure hidden in the environment.