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Miner villager, Redstone Engineer villager (was: New types of villagers.)

needs info


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    What would these new villagers buy and sell?

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    iceman42dave commented

    Any villager that buys redstone would be okay in my book.

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    Trade for redstone equipment and have a unique house with a redstone contraption and a chest with redsrone items

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    FoxGrilzz commented

    Oh no, you made a mistake, my feedback is just a little bit like yours.

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    Villagers don't seem like the kind of people who would mine.  They're quite simple folk.

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    Enderninja202 commented

    I wanted this so bad I agree with you

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    What should be the block that these villagers work on? The profession of a villager is determined by the block closest to it. The Redstone Engineer Villager might be determined by redstone contraptions like pistons, observers, etc... but how about the Miner and Builders? Should Miners be special that they spawn close to mineshaft or a ravine that is close to the village?

    Also Should the Miners Mine, Builders Build and Redstone Engineers place redstone circuits? 

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    wadii1961 commented

    Good idea