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Add Tameable Aquatic Mob: Otters that can Fish for the Player

under review


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    Ontvlambaar commented

    Otters are playful animals in real. It would be neat to have them play with the items before picking them up too. A bit like the dolphin behavior :)


    Upvoted, I would definitely like to see this!

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    LlamaLeMan commented

    Awesome concept and well thought out. You have my vote!

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    I wish I could vote this one hundred times!

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    Zquiove190 commented

    This is a great idea but I would like to see the otters as a independent mob that doesn't help the player progress as in taming but as a mob that just does whatever.

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    Even pet penguins could also get the job done by using already textured fish barrel block... I personally think that would give a diversity of mobs in ice spikes biomes n also as a pet mob for the players ...

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    I was thinking maybe they could spawn in groups of up to five be neutral and at night they would lie on their back in the sea and would carry their baby on their tummy.but yeah I think otters are a great idea.

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    Also it would be cool if their was a new type of villager called the village otter feeder and would trade clam meat for emerald's and stuff like that.

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    thomas devlin commented

    I just posted an almost identical idea not knowing this was already a thing, good to see this idea already has so much support

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    Tame a sea otter with cod not clam meat and everything else sounds good

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    Mylo Luxuria commented

    This would be good but what if the otters and dolphins work together sometimes and give you treasure or treasure maps.


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    LordFishon commented

    This would be a great idea

    please add this

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    Plz add otters then will be cute on Minecraft

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    Maybe also make it so Otters behave similarly to how the cats do? If they are near a water source and are 'Standing' when you go to sleep/bed they have a chance of having gone 'diving' and caught a random type of fish or some random litter that you would get if you were fishing.

    Also, like the ideas of Otters playing like Dolphins and Otters playing together with items. I would also say that if an Otter is attacked they will fight back unless below half of the health is gone and they would try and run away. It would be interesting to also see them spawn in groups and at night in the ocean if left alone they will fall asleep on the surface face up and paws out and will 'partner up' if you would with another Otter within their group to sleep.

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    I think otters should act more like wolves for the sea.

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    Onix Rivera commented

    Dude that is awesome!! I love it also how do you get so many views on your idea?? Because i posted this cool idea on different wolve packs in minecraft but no one has seen it :(