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    Totes m'goats.


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    That's what I think about goat !


    spawn: - plain

           - forest


    drops: - fur

           - goat meat

           - goat's milk (with right click on it with an empty bucket)

           - wool


    specificity: - she runs towards items what can she eat when she is thrown to the ground

                 - it can charge the player and inflicts damage

                 - it has different coat colors


    dimention: 1 block high 2 long and 1 wide

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    Please explain why they should be added. Where would they spawn? What would they drop? What special features would they have?

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    One unique thing about Goats is that they sound like humans when they yell.  (Look it up on youtube, it's scary).


    To that end I would suggest that the Dev team yell into a microphone and then use those sound bites for the Goat Mob. 


    Can you imagine just walking along the Extreme Hills and then all the sudden Dinnerbone or Jeb is YELLING at you?

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    ShoatGeep commented
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    Maybe they could be tamable and you could ride them up steep cliffs since goats are known for being able to climb really steep walls? They could spawn in extreme hills.

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    MacchuPicchu96 goats are awesome

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    I like the Idea of Goats. I think they should:

    1. Yell. Goats Scream. I think it would indeed be cool if Mojang's sound crew recorded goat sounds (Bleating, Yelling like a person, etc) and added them to the Mob

    2.Kick, and Headbutt. Goats attack in this fashion, and it could be useful in fighting other mobs.

    3.Be Tameable, and Rideable (with them occasionally going their own direction while one is on them, as opposed to no control at all) They could be useful to ride in the mountains (Extreme Hills) as it would make it a bit easier, but not quite, to get up. They would be smaller than horses, which helps. (Also, they would be another pet)

    4. Be a sort of annoying, but still quite silly nuisance. (Because lets face it. They're goats.) Such as, jumping out of their pens, and eating crops, causing a sort of, but not quite easy problem to fix.

    5. Spawn differently. (Depending on biome) The Extreme Hills biome could spawn mountain Goats. (The plains just, Goats. Maybe when in forests they could have a chance of having a broken horn. And more for each biome.

    6. Baby goats could play with each other using the previously mentioned kicking and headbutting, except that they wouldn't hurt each other as often as they would other mobs.

    7.Spawn in other Dimensions, because goats Would do that for no reason. In the Nether, they'd have a "Demonic" looking coat, (as a joke to the fact that many people think of Goats as Demonic. This would go along with the other mobs accepting them) they'd be great at escaping falling gravel, and avoid all lava. In the End, they'd have a semi-transparent coat, that looks mysterious, and just jump around, playing while you fight the Ender dragon. Maybe even teleport. (Maybe playing with Endermen) (Maybe the screaming like a human that they do would happen more in the nether.)

    8. Have multiple different coats just like horses.

    9.Attack when Provoked. (Illagers, mobs, Players, etc. )Like wolves, if in groups, will gang up on them.

    10. Be included in Pocket Edition, if included at all. Please. 

    So please, Please add Goats!

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    LikaLarukuToo commented
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    Spawn: Mountains are a goat's natural habitat.

    Drop: Goat milk, goat meat, goat cheese, leather.

    Behavior: Ramming their heads into living things. When ramming into a passive mob, no damage will be inflicted, because they're just playing & players will find it amusing. When ramming into an aggressive mob, damage will be inflicted. It would be especially funny to watch them ram golems & trees.

    Food: Anything that grows, dropped leather, wool, hay, vines, lily pads, berry bushes, leaves. They aren't consider a nuisance for nothing.

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    TravelByTrain commented
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    Should spawn in mountains

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    Lenny Bright commented
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    can i sacrifice them?

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    Kylie W commented
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    Yes!! I love goats! I think it'd be great if they were like the horse mob - as in, a spawn egg would spawn you a goat from a whole bunch of varieties. Some could be spotted (black, brown, gray), some could be solid, some could have socks, etc. The goat could also be male (big ram-like horns) or female (smaller horns). I think it'd make sense if they spawned in hilly/mountainous biomes like mountains (duh), taigas, extreme hills, etc. as well as in tundras. 

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    maybe you could train them to ram your enemy 

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    Yekul Ten commented
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    Let them eat leather.

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    We should be able to get milk and meat from them!

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    Yeah is a good idea
    Mountain Savannah snow taiga desert goat

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    killerjdog51 commented
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    I could get down with goats. My friend has a pet goat, and they are pretty cool. Personally, I'd like them in the Mountains, but llamas are already there; unless if goats and llamas hate each other and fight over territory. 

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    Goats aren't really fitting for Minecraft, in my opinion. If you included features like MacchuPicchu96 said, then I might consider it.

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    Goats need no explanation

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    Farmer0407 commented
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    Goats would be an awesome new addition to Minecraft. I’ve grown up with them and would love to have them in my worlds.

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    Da Boss commented
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    Goats are a much-needed addition, mostly because they are cute and could be added to farms to give them more diversity.

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    Junipurrrr commented
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    I’d support this, especially with the additions in the comments!! Maybe add something adorable for baby goats, like jumping around like they do in real life?

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    The goats could give u milk or soome kind of mik and should be tameable 

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    Cahshwyga commented
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    That would be awesome, have them spawn only in mountain and hill biomes since theyre climbers, and maybe we can do something with their horns as a drop item? Either way, there isnt any hill biome mobs yet so this could be the first and thatd be awesome, also since their goats which have some neat personalities, you could add neat stuff to it. Like maybe, the goat will randomly roam around and climb tress and buildings nearby wherever it was last fed. Or what if when it walks into a garden it starts eating your crops? Make it very friendly but on random occassion have it ram you and do a tiny bit of knockback and damage. Goats are fun!

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    é muito legal essa idea eu curti

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    McMaffinz commented
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    Goats would spawn in mountain biomes since many goat species are known to be good mountain and hill climbers.

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    Trenix90 commented
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    Goats should be like a cow and a sheep. However, goats would provide less milk and less wool. Goats would also attack all hostile mobs by ramming them. We need a goat!

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    Spawn on mountains, can jump up to 2 blocks high. When killed they could drop mutton, wool (more rare than mutton) and horns (even rarer). I'm not sure what the horn would do. When milked (right-clicked with empty bucket) you get milk. If you drop an item near them they will approach it and eat it (including and especially diamond stuff). They can sometimes fall off the mountains and die instantly.

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    Which type goats?

    Like the goats in goat simulator?

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    nightwolves12 commented
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    I think that the goats should chew on everything.

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    Spawn mountains
    Drop horns and fur
    Make goat helmet
    With 5 fur and 2 horns
    Equal defense to Chain helm and small speed boost
    Breed with wheat
    Rideable with saddle. Little slower than horse but you can put a chest on them for portable storage