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Summon Villagers of Choice


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    This is already possible....at least on Java Edition it is

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    CrazyChick475 commented

    Oh please this would be soooooooo useful!!!!

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    Bedrock needs it


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    Jaret 2018 commented

    /summon Villager ~ ~ ~ {Proffession:1}

    Use MCStacker to customise profession and what trades they have.

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    /summon villagers ~ ~ ~ {size:10}

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    tryashtar commented

    Already possible

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    ImEMBEAM commented

    This is already possible

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         People like me on aannyy other kind of Minecraft BESIDES Java Edition.  It would create a surge of new maps where you could buy specific weapons from villagers the farther you go.  Or you could have a game with your friends where the more of each other you kill you get emeralds to get better items OR you could add a villager that repairs items for the cost of a certain amount of emerald based on how bad the item is damaged.  In conclusion I believe that a update like this would bring a lot of mapper to other kinds, like pocket edition for while riding a plane or a train.

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    CaelenBAB0909 commented

    I want this on PE!!

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    Tell you how
    /summon Villager ~ ~ ~
    And Thats it
    You got a villager
    If you want a different kind of Villager with custom tradings go to MC editor or program fo that kind
    If you play on Nintendo switch
    Well you are like me
    We cant change any thing...

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    Blast Burner commented

    Seeing that I only play on Java and MacchuPicchu96 said that it's available on Java, say you should put this in the Parity Category since that is now a thing.

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    Eggeronis67 commented

    I actually came up with a similar idea, but with spawn eggs.