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Add New Hostile Ocean Mob: Coral Eels

under review


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    CrazyChick475 commented

    Humm, cool

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    everblue22 commented

    Cool!  Maybe they could have burrows/dens, you could raid it for caviar.  

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    Go Morray and electric eels! You have my vote!

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    I love the idea of eels in minecraft, they would be a rarely nice, unique ocean mob (unlike the drowned which i do like but are just zombie variants), i especially like the idea of deep sea eels and changed/ electric eels that could be rarer but much more dangerous.

    - these are some screenshots from a datapack i'm working on

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    @1blackflag5041 cool design!

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    Ties Kooistra commented

    Maybe they can have different variations for different biomes, green-ish for kelp forests and bright and colourful for coral

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    Also, Two different Moray Eels! They'd have the holes on their necks to prevent waves in the water,(when lunging at prey) one type would have more of a beak (To eat algae and such), and the other a jaw with sharp teeth, as well as the inner jaw that pulls the prey down their troat. I think they should be like wolves where they're neutral until provoked! Along with Grouper fish for them to hunt with.

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    I had the same idea XD

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    FatalAcacia commented

    very cool, will add a new layer of complexity to the coral reefs.

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    richRavioli commented

    i love eels and i love that idea thank you