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Add Biome-Based Music (an idea sparked by the 1.13 pre release)


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    Good ideas, but we don't want to force C418 to make music for us. Only if inspiration comes to him should this be implemented.

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    Right, it's up to him. I don't want him to be forced or anything.

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    Yeah, can we have the ability to define custom Biome Based music in resource packs?

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    @StealthyExpertX that's another good idea.

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    Mc Rat commented

    This channel has some great tracks he made for the different biomes 


    For example here's one for Savanna:


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    Switter 773 commented

    What about the taiga, the forest or etc.

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    C418 already thought about this, but decided it didn't work because players moved between biomes too quickly.

    "For similar reasons, Rosenfeld was unable to design echo effects for footsteps and music underground – because the game doesn’t know when you’re in a cave. He also wanted to create different ambient music for the game’s various biomes – like tundra, savannah, woodland – that make up the generated landscapes. However, players tend to move so eratically between them, that it sounded horrible. There were also plans for fighting music, 'but we couldn’t do that because fights usually only last five seconds and no one wants to listen to epic fighting music for just five seconds.'"

    Source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/nov/07/how-daniel-rosenfeld-wrote-minecraft-music

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    DeliCat1300 commented

    The problem with movement from one biome to the other can be solved by making the tracks shorter so that if the player crosses a biome, the music will play for a bit and then have it maybe transition or just end. Alternatively, each track could have "early termination points", points where the track can be ended prematurely if need be without sounding too abrupt.

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    Añadan el efecto de la dispercion,reflexion y refraxion de la luz y el agua realista cielos realistas. Cuevas realistas

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    DarKdeath2486 commented

    What new music? I dont hear any new music or more than a couple old ones every hour or so! Xbox one v1.11.4

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    Mc Rat commented


    Thanks for the interesting link.

    Maybe he could still make at least jungle music, since jungles are so huge, and hard to travel, and people usually don't leave them that quickly.


    And maybe he could try to make temperature based music. So all hot biomes like savannas, mesas and deserts have the same type of music.