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Zombie Horses spawning near Zombie Villages.


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    (excess formatting removed ~nb)

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    Great idea!

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    I love this idea, and I think it would be even better if the zombie horses were tamable and controllable while riding

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    Mc Rat commented

    That would make them ridiculously rare though. Other than that, great idea.

    I'd make them rarely spawn in Zombie Sieges too.

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    David Rusk commented

    I agree with Rat that they should probably spawn in zombie raids as well, probably also acting as a zombie jockey. I would like to also suggest the creation of a drowned horse, which, on top of just looking cool, would be like a halfway stage between skeleton and zombie horses. I'd suggest that it would have half the health of the skeleton horse and, like the drowned, would be able to properly swim instead of just sinking as skeleton and zombie horses do. As for natural spawning I feel like perhaps not every undead should have their own mount, but they could be found around/in a new sunken stable structure. Also obviously if a zombie horse drowns. I hope you lovely folks at the Mojang team take these ideas into consideration.

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    MCPEChicken13 commented

    Why not have them pre-generate in the villager stable

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    Aspergerian commented


    Good idea, considering the newer village models.

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    Blast Burner commented

    Yes! A way to get Zombie Horses in pure survival.

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    muzikbike commented

    Don't forget that horses spawn as part of village generation within pens, so zombie horses could replace that.

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    Adult zombies could ride them.

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    rimercado02 commented

    Zombie horses should have three variants like their humanoid counterparts (normal, husk, drowned) with husk horses spawning in the desert (obviously), drowned spawning around underwater ruins with drowned riding them (like they are guarding it) and normal zombie horses spawning anywhere else. Normal and husk zombie horses should spawn in zombie villages and during zombie sieges with zombies riding them wearing an iron helmet while wielding an iron weapon/tool, like skeleton horse jockeys. However, unlike skeleton horses, they should burn in daylight with the exception of the husk horse unless ridden by an helmet wearing zombie. Also, like zombies, they should undergo the husk-to-zombie-to-drowned conversion when drowning. However, due to most of them being able to burn in daylight, they should have certain abilities to make them useful. For example, the husk horse should have some form of fire protection (like the armor enchantment; would be useful for traveling through the Nether), normal zombie horses should run faster and jump higher than the average horse during nighttime but will suffer slowness and the inability to be commanded to jump like a normal horse during daytime, and drowned horses should be able to swim in water like a drowned but lose the ability be commanded to jump. Like skeleton horses, they should have less health than a normal horse but more health than a skeleton horse (since they have more skin to work with).