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Creative inventory reorganization (Java)


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    Laura Lot commented
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    It seems my post was removed for being too similar to yours. Anyway, my idea was remove the current tabs and replace it with a sort of 'master' tab to allow for many more categories. This would almost eliminate the need for scrolling and mean most items are just clicks away. 'Survival Inventory' is moved next to 'Saved Toolbars' and 'Search', which stay the same.

    How they are organised: https://imgur.com/a/DHMUauN

    The blocks/items that don't fit on the first page are shown at the bottom. Transport and Tools stay the same. I didn't bother going through all the potions, arrows and spawn eggs. Same for Enchanted books so Combat just has the first page.

    I'm new here so if someone know how to access my post that was removed (I really am having shocking luck with this) or contact Nova "inkycatz" Barlow then please help!

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    The Creative inventory of Bedrock is not only very organized, but also contains more slots to display more blocks at once. That one should be ported to Java Edition.


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    Leeli Igiby commented
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    Even if they don't add a bunch of new categories or change how to get around, they really do need to organize it better.

    I do think one new category would be good: Building stuff that isn't Normal Blocks. Things like stairs, slabs, and fences.

    They should have all the would stairs together, followed by the stone stairs (including granite, diorite, and andesite) and then prismarine, etc. etc. Then we would have all the slabs, grouped roughly in that order, and then the walls, and then the fences and then the fence gates.

    In the main blocks tab they should have all the wood, (planks, then logs, then stripped logs, then stripped wood) then the stone, then the dirts (like grass and mycelium, podzol, path, etc.), and then all the other categories and stuff.

    And for goodness sake, why are the bookshelves and the walls not in the decoration tab? And seriously, the gates should be with the fences. I mean that's just common sense.

    Anyway, that's just my thoughts on that.