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    Oakleaf30 commented

    I agree, at school, there are always random people who join and I can’t kick them out. It’s very annoying

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    ToxicShourin commented

    This really needs to be added. Minecraft java had a /ban command way back in Alpha in 2010. So a Full Release game doesn't have this simple very important command??? What in gods name were people not thinking??? If a common 10 yr old child can think of this and make a mod for it a bunch of people working for a multi billion dollar company surly could have done so.

    This should have been the very first command added for realms. The server owner cannot always be available to come online at all times and and deal with griefers and trolls. The server op's need to be able to do something other than just trying to call the owner who is probably sleeping / working or enjoying a day away from gaming just to take care of 1 person who has come online with the intelligence of a amoeba and decides to rip apart everything they find.

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    Dawson Morris commented

    This would also become very useful for videos of a random person joined your game you can ban / kick them so they wouldn't be a problem


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    BrainyLac13 commented

    I agree, people like my friends brother keep joining via Xbox live and w can’t get him out

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    Mohammed Khawaja commented

    I play on Ps3 and can kick but if I reload the world I kicked them from them they can rejoin so can we have these commands on all platforms plz Mojang

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    isaac manning commented

    yes, that would be really really really really really really really really helpful!

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    spottyfeather11 commented

    How do you do it?

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    SturmPixel commented

    Sooo true, its really important!

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    DestroyerA73 commented

    Yeah I would really help troll people as well!

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    PlumMedusa19070 commented

    Is a good and bad idea because what if other players can ban the host lik Oparators that you trust turn on you and is a good idea because I hate it when people destroy everything I built

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    JFD9 commented

    this is 1 thing bedrock edition 100% needs 2 get unwanted guests out with out setting them 2 visitor mode or reloading ur world especially keep the greefers out be4 something gets covered in lava or explodes

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    绍雷 杜 commented

    I think it's very useful in bedrock edition to kick out the bad players.

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    CosyHamster commented

    I do like the idea! Not only that you have to block your friends to kick them but also because it's easier to do when typing

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    Kmc853 commented

    Yes we need this on my realm

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    Elijah White commented

    This is literally one of the greatest suggestions. Because what if your in a world you and your friend are only allowed in, and a random player joins or ruins stuff. This is something I always talk about.

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    Elijah White commented

    Mabe you can ban them oh clicking their profile in the pause menu and ban or kick is a selection.

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    ShipwreckRuins commented

    I am a Chinese player, and there are some unknown people who may have caused trouble everywhere after Xiong Haizi came in. It is really annoying. The mobile phone version has no kick and ban commands yet!

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    Zorro8183 commented

    What about expanding on that? Could it be possible to also add the ability to prevent certain players from putting holes in things or interacting with things you don't want them interacting with without taking away from the game? My brother was in my realm not too long ago and wouldn't stop "playing" with things that I otherwise didn't want him playing with as it is VERY delicate how I have things set up.
    I think the original idea plus the one I'm suggesting would be very nice. I know you can use commands to prevent someone from using a transporter or entering a door but as someone already pointed out, that's not always enough as I had already found out the hardway.

    I forgot to mention that I play Minecraft on my Android Note 8, Windows 10 PC and 2 in 1 as well as my Xbox One. This needs to be implemented for all of these!

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    CornStrikesBack commented

    /effect (obnoxious player) levitation 999999 255


    Problem solved.

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    AlexHasNoFace commented

    I will vote for this, though it will feel a little odd for me. Currently, your best option is to:

    1. Put them in visitor
    2. Teleport them into a tiny box
    3. If you have education edition on, you can type /ability [players name] muted true

    The command might have mute instead of muted but the game should help you out.

    Also, for the love of god. Please make the ban command only executeable if you have a “Ban/Kick” permission in the playerlist (make it so only the server owner can change it for anyone).

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