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    Sorry to be blunt, but this is a terrible idea, at least as it is presented in this post. If this were added, we would have no incentive to farm crops, because we could just duplicate all of our food. We would have no reason to make mob farms, because we could just duplicate all of their drops. We would have no reason to go mining, because we could just duplicate all of our minerals and metals as soon as we got a few of them. Essentially, with your idea, almost no resource would take actual work or dedication to get. In any game, there has to be some effort involved in obtaining a reward, otherwise there is no challenge and no fun.

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    AlacasterS0I commented
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    can you elaborate? isn't this game-breaking?

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    Idengaku commented
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    I agree. Clearly, lots of people want to duplicate. There needs to be a built in mechanism to duplicate items with an on/off option. They keep fixing glitches and people keep finding work around. Instead, take the hint and build it into the game.