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Technology update


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  • Official comment

    Hi there,

    Can you elaborate on your idea? What specific updates are you looking for?


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    that wouldn't really make sense on a fantasy-ish game

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    i don't get it.

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    TheRedbird202 commented

    I prefer the lack of tech. Makes the game more charming

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    Pandakid823 commented

    I agree there is no phone computer tablet any thing and there should be so you can decorate

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    AMLavorgna commented

    Do you mean like guns and stuff because we just got a technology update with the crossbows and stuff

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    MotesBro commented

    That's kinda what 1.5 was.

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    you mean more redstone?

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    Devyn Knight commented

    Like computers!


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    C J commented

    What type of Tech? are you talking like more weapons such as cannons, catapults, and medieval artillery, or are you talking about very modern tech, such as computers and things, because if it's the first one I am DEFINITELY behind it, but if it's the second then nah dude, that ain't gonna be added unless it's an April Fools update.

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    Trenix90 commented

    Game appears in the medieval era, so any technical advances would make horses, swords, bows, mostly useless. Anything technical should be from redstone only.

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    Yalkin33 commented

    What type of tech?

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    Sunsprint commented

    Are you looking for more redstone components? The redstone+ (?) mod is a pretty good one if so.

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    oldpotato404 commented

    10 year 


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    draglorr commented

    I DO NOT want this added! It would ruin Minecrafts awesome medieval style theme! No computers!! (Things like medieval artillery would be cool though)


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    Coolpixle commented

    That would be cool for minecraft! What kind of tech are you talking about?