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Hoes and crop farming are boring and one-dimensional. Let’s fix that


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    SocialExile83 commented

    This is a really cool and interesting way of changing up farming, as well as giving the different tiers of hoes a better reason to be crafted other than advancements and durability! While I do enjoy the current farming mechanics of Minecraft, I agree that it's rather boring. One thing I do propose, however, is instead of having Efficiency and Fortune on hoes and swords, a new enchantment could be introduced, possibly titled "Harvesting," which would essentially be Efficiency and Fortune bundled up into a single enchantment made specifically for crops, while still allowing swords to break webs faster. This would reduce the potential confusion that could arise with swords being able to have Efficiency and Fortune, especially with Looting being a thing, and make it clear that the tool is used for crops instead of combat. For instance, a Harvesting Sword would be incapable of receiving combat-focused enchantments such as Sharpness or Looting, but still maintain its base combat capabilities. Perhaps Harvesting could also replant crops if the player has the corresponding seeds in their inventory? Under the circumstance hoes become the main tool for harvesting in the way you suggested, while also receiving the functionality you offered swords with crops, the proposed Harvesting enchantment probably shouldn't be added in favor of giving hoes Efficiency and Fortune, since Harvesting is only a suggestion to keep enchantments clear and easy to understand.

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    @socialexile83 interesting points, thanks for commenting :D

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    Rripshot commented

    i posted food poisoning and food boredem before i saw this post. Some do have a point ,too mutch realizum will make this game a simulator.

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    Ben Mee commented

    I LOVE these ideas, they’re realistic and I think would add a lot more realism to minecraft farming.. and I like that you thought about how ANNOYING it would be to enchant a diamond sword, and get ‘Efficiency’ but you could add it manually via the anvil! Great ideas, I hope the developers see this

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    Martin Villa commented

    please don't add this would make farming MUCH MORE BORING!!!!!!!!!!

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    To counter water based auto-harvesters, make it to where the water dont break the crops for a minute, and when it does, for example you, wheat, you get two pieces of wheat, but no seeds almost always. It will also ruin the farmland if any water block is on it for too long, however water beside the farmland won't ruin it.

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    Ben Mee why thank you!

    DaffodilOne5782 I think this wouldn't be needed because manual crop farming would allow you to use Fortune, unlike water harvesting. So both methods would have their pros and cons. I think that's a good balance.

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    Marcus Delroy commented

    I once tried to enchant a hoe with fortune, and was shocked when I couldn’t. You’ve got my vote!

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    I think you mean that gold would break the crops the fastest.