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Please read the pinned post on creating new biomes and dimensions. Remember that individual items, mobs, and structures should still go in their own categories - this is not a category for entire updates.


Space biome with visible constellations (was: Star Light Star Bright First Star I See Tonight)


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    KirbyFan64Bro commented
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    Sagittarius: 2 extra damage with bow.
    Aquarius: longer underwater breathing time.
    Cancer: more damage to water mobs.
    Probably more...

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    Taurus: Resistance

    Aries: jump boost like a mountain goat... I mean ram

    Gemini: double loot

    Leo: friend of the Jaguars (see “Make the Jungle feel more Jungley)

    Libra: negative effects will balance out

    Virgo: I HAVE NO IDEA

    Scorpio: critical hits and a chance of withering monsters

    Pisces: Luck of the Sea (lol you’re using a fish to kill fish)

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    KJI Fernando commented
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