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    wpg204420 commented

    I would also like to see PS4 compatible with the Java edition in this case if it can handle it. 


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    DazedBulb111632 commented

    I would add all the features from the 1.9 (or was it 1.10) combat update to Windows 10 edition.

    Sword spamming and sniping battles with bows don't make very good pvp experience.

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    Couvs1981 commented

    I find it odd that a simple recipe like the shield was only available in the java edition

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    TacocaT20xx commented

    Most useful item in the game and its only on java why?

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    noob1884 commented

    not the most useful item in the game imho but useful nonetheless

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    Mahirp1 commented

    i agree i also kinda want it on minecraft xbox 360 edition

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    Lukas Tjerngren commented

    I started at pocket edition, but tried PC. The only thing i think is actualy bad with PE is that shields isn't availabel and that knowledge about recipes isn't necesary

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    Drackst commented

    I would love there to be shields in pocket edition

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    Matthew Moore commented

    The main thing I want is shields because I think it will make Minecraft a much better game for PE players

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    RastaManGames commented

    Shields are really useful and this is really bad, that i can't either craft them in my "Windows 10 Edition"...

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    Mohammed Khawaja commented

    Can we also add shields to Ps3

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    JetAgenda0307 commented

    I put that in my Win10 Edition Review!

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    OldChalice1344 commented

    Ok this is what I want you to add on Minecraft if you guys pls add shields 🛡 in Minecraft bedrock and Minecraft better together pls that is all I want if you guys put the shields 🛡 I will be happy and probably other in the world thnx

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