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Optimising this site for suggestions and brainstorming


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  • Official comment

    Thank you for posting this - there are a number of good suggestions here, a few things that are already in the works, a few things that aren't technically feasible, a few things that probably are we'll need to investigate, and also a number of things that our move from one platform to another to power this area of the website can easily address.

    That said, I'm not going to go point by point in order, just make a few comments.

    1. The look: We plan on looking more like the rest of minecraft.net, but this will likely be implemented later this year. (The previously and often mentioned visual refresh.) We're going to do that in strong consultation with our web team to work with any changes they may already have planned for minecraft.net (if any).

    2. Filters. One of those things I noticed and have some plans for, as we need more/better filters to help people find things.

    3. Sorting. Again, also vastly needs improvement.

    4. Tagging posts/Flair. Our current method is to tag posts internally, as it will 1) provide consistency 2) allow for sweet, sweet metrics, and 3) raise issues in a way that provides the greatest value to the team (or section of the team) that needs to see it.

    5. Polls. We have plans regarding surveys from the team. Look for those announcements on the front page, which will be changing more often, yay!

    6. Management. Two things here:

    a. We have no announcements about community-led moderation at this time.

    b. Team/developer presence. We look forward to an eventual, yet increased presence by staff members as we continue to make efforts to improve the feedback site in a way that will allow them to focus on what they do best, aka "go make Minecraft". :)

    7. Add on media. This is a "needs more internal discussion, coffee before commenting, and investigation" thing. We'll give it some thought. (For real, I have my thinking face on.)

    8. Log in. Again one of those "needs more internal discussion, coffee before commenting, but mostly investigation" things.

    I know this was written before the other site went down, so hey, thanks for reposting!

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    Overall there's a lot of good ideas here. I do feel like the emojis would be a distraction more than anything else and I wouldn't support their addition. I quite like your idea of implementing a Vanilla flair but I'm afraid most people will want to add it to their ideas no matter how inconsistent with Mojang's "design principles", as you put it. Your idea about separating "Tweaks" from more in-depth suggestions is an excellent one.

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    CivetKitty commented

    It's kinda disappointing that you can still vote without reading the details. 

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    Camcamcam753 commented

    You're welcome Nova! This document was a really long one and it contained all the changes we could think of. I'll get to working on that video - it will cover the most necessary things, so I'll call it Phase One. :D

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    > It's kinda disappointing that you can still vote without reading the details. 

    On the plus side, you do have to be logged in.

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    Camcamcam753 commented

    Hey Nova, the video is taking a while (I have exams), so I'll tell you the most urgent thing right now.

    Please add the ability to reply to other comments.

    (And possibly an inbox so we can see when people reply.)

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    Bilbo Baggins commented

    You mentioned FMC.  I just want to say that that is the name of the world’s largest phosphorus processing plant, to avoid confusion

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    Camcamcam753 commented

    Thanks Bilbo. It would be a shame if anyone mixed the two up.

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    avnixmail commented

    My problem with this post is that it is essentially a list of suggestions, not one suggestion. There is no way to vote for one of the suggestions featured here but not the others. However, posts centered on one of the suggestions are deleted because they are too similar to this post. This post even seems to be against the posting guidelines, which say not to include multiple suggestions in one post.

    Many of the ideas here are great, but the fact that they are grouped together is frustrating.

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    avnixmail -

    I get what you're saying, and do keep in mind, the website section is a bit different than say, a list of animals or mobs. As you yourself have admitted, "many of the ideas are great" perhaps you should focus your critique on the parts you're not fond of, so that we can have a productive discussion about the topic and improve upon it, and not the style which it was done.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    Camcamcam753 commented

    avnixmail - 

    If you are annoyed that duplicate suggestions are not allowed to be posted I suggest you upvote this post:


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    can you add the ability to see all the posts you have made easily cause now its kinda hard to find out if i alreayd posted something or not and i dont want to accidently post the same thing twice maybe you could add a my post section that is across the whole platform for posts?