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    iFellowFox commented

    But the particle command is still there...?

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    JochCool commented

    The particle command exists in the Java Edition, but it doesn't exist in the Bedrock Edition yet.

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    StealthyExpertX commented

    Yes please return the ability for us to summon custom particles.


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    Aiden Blitz commented

    The /particle command has been removed from mcbe(Minecraft Bedrock Edition) since update 1.2

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    o0unknownvirus0 commented

    please return it onMinecraft Pe beta update  and when it fail then remove it

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    SUPER LAVA 5325 commented

    Please don't wait any longer to return it!

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    PlumMedusa19080 commented

    Can you let you Xbox have the same Addons from your phone or tablet computer laptop and can they get the same world you have on the same profile/ on every DEVICE

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    NumberFawn68437 commented

    hgjny vb,m

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