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    babykoala7168 commented

    Really just here because I heard there were not enough votes to result in a priority for this project. Would have voted long ago if I new that was the case. Assumed announcing a delayed release due to work that need to be done meant that work was being done... at any rate, I look forward to all of the features the preview showed and think it is great to have a stable option when wanting to give the game a new look.

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    PCARBAJO315 commented

    I want the super duper pack i feel like they lied to us not cool


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    Elcrack207 commented

    Good idea man, I liked it, I want bedrock edition have this first cause java is always being updated with  all when bedrock user have all old unuseful thing, seriusly we have worst generation glitches that the infdev version, and some of the village&pillage unuseful blocks, just make this like the super duper pack like a bedrock unique feature or that be the first first implementation of this pack

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    pdtheyoutuber commented

    I think the SDGP should come in 2 choices. One for PCs (Win10 versions) and the Xbox, One for midrange devices, like other Xbox devices, and high end phones and tablets.

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    Arthur Davydove commented

    i  want this to happined so badly

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    MGeek02 commented

    Can't Wait!

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    Radiumus commented

    Here's the major thread you wanted, Mojang. Update and I'll play Minecraft again.

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    traxxas5514 commented

    Why did mojang lie to us about the graphics pack

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    ClockSpiral . commented

    Java Edition too... right?

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    mckarbaum commented

    After searching for any updates relentlessly since November 2018 when I first heard of the SDGP, I did another search this morning to find a YouTube, in which aubrey’s tweets were showcased. I never realized we had to vote for the SDGP, but here I am voting for it. This is the number 1 update I’d like to see implemented in the game! Hoping it’s near fruition. 🤞

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    AgingTea8517549 commented

    minimum specs is my main concern, i am really exited for it. please make this asap

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    xxXDatboi27Xxx commented

    I was honestly really hyped for this pack and was really sad it didn't come out, so if you do read this (Lead developers of the pack) I would be really happy if you guys were able to keep figuring out the coding so you guys can overcome the problem and learn from it, for later problems you might have. I love Minecraft and hope I can experience it in 4K HDR, This isn't a "hurry up and do it" comment but I'm just expressing my thoughts on the wait. 

    I have a few questions as well:

    Will Xbox One X users be given the SDGP for free?

    If not how much will it cost?

    Will it be greater in looks than it was shown?

    Thank you.

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    HoloF0Xi commented

    With the upcoming release of Hytale, in order to even compete with what it's graphics have been shown to look like, an optional graphical overhaul for Minecraft will do a lot of good.

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    Adis002CZ commented

    Dear Mojang,

    I really think you kinda screwed people over. You announce something, and then you want us to vote for it, so we can get it? I'd expect this from some amateurs, not people who are in the industry for almost a decade. You announce something, you work on it to make it ASAP. And not that you prioritize some other small stuff.

    People didn't vote for SDGP because it was already promised WITH a release date, which, in the end, never came. Like what the hell guys, do you actually realize how stupid this sounds???

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    Terramine777 commented

    Literally went out of my way and voted on this redundant website for this 1 mod. This will probably be the only time I voted. Maybe the answer to why nobody was voting on here much is the same reason ALL mods on here barely get any votes: How many of us even knew this site existed, and how many cared? I doubt most people waste their time going out of their way to use feedback sites and systems. It's like a friggin grocery store survey on the back of a coupon.

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    DreadFive463778 commented

    Dear Mojang, it has been well over a year now since YOU announced this feature, it feels wrong to me and many others that you intentionally prioritized MANY other features after the ANNOUNCEMENT of this graphics pack. Whether or not you acknowledge this, this is what happened and it has many of us hurt, almost heartbroken, because we feel mislead. We just want to hear from you that things you plan to do and give to the community stay a priority


    -Sincerely, concerned player  

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    AnimeApples commented

    We need to get more people to vote to get the SDGP done. I've been trying to keep up to date on it and the latest news I heard came from a Twitter thread. It sounds like they're pushing other projects forward before the SDGP even though it was announced so very long ago because people aren't voting for it. TELL YOUR MINECRAFT FRIENDS TO VOTE PLEASE. Exercise your right to vote, and have your voices be heard. We need to be more vocal if we want this done anytime within the next year!

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    CraKaLaKinChr1s commented

    Didn't know we had to vote but here I am voting we want this


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    Вадим Санников commented

    Я написал комментарий чтобы был русский комментарий и всё.

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    Viktorsmg commented

    I'm hoping that since there's a rewrite specularity also goes into the bin. It's extremely stupid to have it. Just do physically based rendering with metalness and roughness, not "specularity" like games did from alpha Java Minecraft's time. It would look a lot better and you could still have "specular" materials with 0 metalness. Gold isn't specular and a pure white reflection from a "solid block of gold" looks meh.

    Also, parallax occlusion for the water makes me wonder if we'll get it for blocks, or at least some form of legitimate 3D models for them.

    And lastly the only other feature for which I'm hoping and didn't really see in the trailer is Voxel global illumination. Sonic Ether did some, and really it seems great for Minecraft, since it's already made up of voxels, so you can easily split things up into smaller ones.

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    Elcrack207 commented

    I think this will be like a "bedrock unique feature" or something like that and I think some than another dr*unk xd will say bedrock parity bla bla bla etc, but at least give bedrock edition users something unique to its version cause java have weekly snapshots but bedrock have like monthly snapshots or betas or something like that, it is understandable cause mojang have repair bugs, make a test of fuctionality, etc... So this will be a super duper change for bedrock edition so the community trust in mojang that this will be correctly and not have like 12550824 bugs xd mojang actually are making a good job cause seriusly, in first beta of the shields NO BUGS WITH THE SHIELDS FUNCTIONALITY so I think this will be epic!!!

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    OverdrawnEnd111 commented

    Why not release the resource pack separately from the shaders? That way

    • people could already use the advertised textures
    • people could, when released, use the shaders with any textures

    Seems like a win-win to me...

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    JohnBoyCline commented

    Does anyone know if super duper will come to switch?

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    jcupitt11 commented

    This is FAKE news!

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    TehCookiMonst3r commented

    Didn’t know we had to vote on something we were promised a long time ago. Everyone I know that plays Minecraft would love for this update to eventually happen. Please Mojangsoft, don’t let us down!

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    PolarMammoth commented

    I’m looking forward to the suns rays shining through the trees, the warm glow of a sunset.

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    BenignFeather37 commented

    What does it mean when they are redoing the graphics? Does this have to do anything with Jappa’s texture update in any way?

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    Antman2x2 commented

    Hope to see this "excessive visual razzmatazz" in my lifetime. 

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    Gammadoc commented

    That’s sounds terrific!

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    RiftmasterTV commented

    Why isn't this out yet? It's been 2 years...

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