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    KeyStatue163893 commented

    Well, i would like that the "Super Duper Graphics Pack" will come also to Minecraft Java Edition and PS4 Console Edition...

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    Shotgunsniper33 commented

    Yes where can I purchase NASA-approved glasses to protect my eyes from melting from this graphics pack?
    Or, if there are none, what is the minimum percentage of beauty-blocking that will be needed?

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    kumarbhavesh666 commented

    How is the "new" Super Duper Graphics Pack going to be different from the old one? I'm kind of confused about the whole "graphics pipeline" thing

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    PromptLeek049 commented

    I hope the super duper graphics pack come out for mcpe!

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    Bastien SINITAMBIRIVOUTIN commented

    J'espère qu'il sera Gratuit pour minecraft windows 10 ..

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    ArguedDwarf9102 commented

    I really believe this can go on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One users (Any consoles, not IOS/Android). I hope it’s not a Xbox only feature, and can go on the Nintendo Switch. Mobile users just wont be able to join worlds with the pack enabled for friends.

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    DillPickle56YT commented

    Honestly, what can I say? It's basically Minecraft, except with parallax occlusion mapping, better lighting, realistic shading, great water textures... We saw it all in the trailer a year ago. And to be honest, I've seen most of it before. People have modded the you-know-what out of the Java Edition, and shaders are absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad the developers are putting in the effort to put something like that into the Bedrock Edition, as this has been impossible to do third-party. But my primary concern is that the graphics pack will slow down PCs because it's too much to handle, and since we can't get refunds, some people will be upset. That's why I hope there are graphics configuration options included in this DLC. This way, players can adjust the intensity of the graphics pack based on the device's performance. And beyond that, I'll echo what ArguedDwarf9102 said before me: I want this to be available on all systems that run Bedrock, with the obvious exception of mobile devices. In other words, this should be playable on PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. That's pretty much everything I want to see that I haven't yet.

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    CAICAIBEANS commented

    i have a xbox 360 😢


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    SizMajBit commented

    Sounds interesting

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    SturmPixel commented

    I am looking forward to an atmospheric environment :)

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    nudelholzsuppe commented

    Could you integrate a low LOD render to see even farther without using much resources? It would require a low detail aproximation of the generated terrain.
    Would enable to see really far, improving the cubic chunks mod, as you could see far mountains.

    The only limit to view distance would be natural haze.

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    RaissNight12328 commented

    I hope androide can support too this pack.Because i use handphone to play minecraft and if you release it on phone to that will be great

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    InfamousBlueTie commented

    This is my most anticipated feature for Bedrock. I really want it to come out, but i don't want the developers to rush it and it turn out to be terrible. Do us proud Mojang!! :D

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