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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


Additions to the Nether

under review


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    BuilderJayMC commented

    I do not think they should have trees, villages or quartz / nether tools in the game.

    I would also not like for them to add weak withers spawning.  But I do agree, the Nether needs more variation.

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    Zshawn21 commented

    I think it would be great to see them do what the Natura mod did to the Nether with blood trees, flesh blocks, and Lava lake biomes surrounded by basalt and soul sand.

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    To bring back the "Pigman" mob (old villager), they should be in the nether as a counterpart of villager. Zombie Pigman will try to attack the pigman. Also nether wood shouldn't be flammable.

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    If anything, the Nether changes should be minimal.  The End is the more boring dimension with its fewer mobs and blank vastness of islands.  Not to mention that the End doesn't have its own ore either.

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    This sounds like a mod. make it a mod.

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    I agree, but let me show you my idea's, it's like a book:

    A new forest is added into the nether which is called a 'Doomed Forest' it has Orange Burned Leaves and Gray Burned Wood. if you go near/inside of it you get burned, except if you have Fire Resistance Potions. But what if you could find a Quartz Ancient Greece like Temple in those forests? with a Orb of Satan as a treasure? All mobs flee if you hold it in your hand, even hostile mobs including the bosses and if you use it in the overworld, it will burn everything and eventually blow up creating a massive crater. there's a good reason why it needs to be destroyed and why everything is so scared by it. In the ruins are Hells Villagers that protect it, they are very hard to beat. they can summon Demons that attack you just like Illagers summon Vex. If you have get the Orb of Satan, you can either use it as a item or make it a block to spawn him, who's him you ask? Herobrine.

    to craft it you need the Orb of Satan and 8 Ruby gems around it to make the block. (rubies are extremely rare gems only generated in the nether, in one ore, just like emeralds)
    He can fly at high speeds like he's underwater and teleport to you and his task is to kill you, because he's Satan and you've entered his territory. He can burn you, attack you, use the Wand of Satan and throw you around like a toy. If he gets the chance to kill you, you spawn back in the overworld with him. he will turn the skies black, create heavy thunderstorms and destroy everything in it's path. that's a good reason to have extremely strong gear with you if you decide to do it.

    If you beat him, you get the Wand of Satan as a reward, you can use it to teleport (RMB), shoot fireballs (LMB), swim through lava like water, get infinite fire resistance and strength when holding it. The wand of Satan can only be obtained.

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    Coming back, one or two additions to the Nether wouldn't be so bad.  Some sort of ash, burntwood, or petrified wood would be cool.  Since the Nether is a huge cavern, adding at least one other ore might be cool too, like Nether Bronze, which could be a repellent to certain hostile mobs or something.

    However, I have to resent a few ideas put "under review" on this page.  Wither skeletons are already a kind of weaker wither; they inflict the wither effect, and they are a lot cooler than the idea of a "weaker wither boss" with their taller skeleton height and stone swords.

    But I have to say, what cannot go into the game are the pigman villages.  I really would love to see living pigman variants added to the game, especially neutral, warrior-like pigman similar to their zombie counterparts.  But "pigman villages" are not the appropriate way for them to be implemented.  Villagers have already filled the blueprints as inhabitants of the original villages, so adding living pigmen as village inhabitants just needs to be ditched.  We already have varying types of villages for plains, taigas, deserts, and savannas.  Even if a village's inhabitants where neutral, the stable settlement simply doesn't fit in the otherworldly, challenging, hellish Nether.  And even if it were to mirror the villages of the Overworld, that would take on a level of repetitive monotony that exceeds everything else in Minecraft, breaking balance.  You'll have to come up with some other structure(s) to fill the Nether.

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    TheMcExplorer commented

    I've been reading through and seeing that I'm not the only one who feels that the Nether needs love. Especially now that we pretty much have update aquatic. I've also seen that not everyone likes the idea of a new wither-like mob if its just a weaker wither, due to that being the wither skeletons roll. But what if there was a new structure/mini boss that not only made the nether more rewarding but also helps you summon the wither sooner. Here's a link to the post that explains this. The Nether Gate (New Nether/Overworld Dungeon)

    All that said, I do hope the Nether gets some kind of love in at least one of the next three updates.

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    Rohnald Marky commented

    Why not replace the rubies/rupees with cursed gems?


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    Magefulrage commented

    I agree that the nether needs more. Right now there's really just 3 things there: soul sand (which is rarely needed), nether quartz (more commonly used, but still not used that often), and blaze rods. Other than that, why go besides the travel benefits?

    I'd love to see more there in some way, but I also sorry that modifications will make the nether a less terrifying place, which takes some of the fun out of it.

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    Skyswinger330 commented

    I disagree with a lot of this, but my idea fits here.
    About five months ago, Grian posted a video talking about a Ghast Hive. I think that's a really good idea.

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    Dinorauria commented

    I just think having Netherrack tools would be a good idea, given that it is effectively the Nether equivalent to regular stone. While we could also possibly have a gold ore in the nether that gives twice the amount. That said, the nether is the point in the game where materials like wood and food stop being plentiful, so having a tree-like plant would be counterproductive.

    Besides, the Nether already has the Fortress to compliment the End city. And villages in the nether would be difficult for the world generator to do. Though I still like the idea of it, maybe the locals in that village would be some kind of tormented spirit/lesser demon, maybe they would trade with some kind of gemstone found in soul sand? Because Ruby ore just wouldn't be distinguishable from the rest of the Nether.

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    TravelByTrain commented

    The nether needs an definitely update and I like some of your ideas but I think the nether doesn't need biomes and it should be more like this: 

    Nether villages would be added, and be inhabited by zombie pigman villagers (like zombie villagers but... yeah.) They would be passive, but if attacked would call for help to zombie pigman, and if there are any around, nether golems (more on that later). They would trade sulfur as opposed to emeralds, which could also be found in sulfur ore around the nether (the nether has lots of lava which makes sulfur so it makes sense to me). Nether golems would spawn under the same conditions as an iron would in the over world, and could also be made with 4 nether wood and a nether wart block. Nether fortresses would have a new miniboss.

    Nether trees sound like a good idea, but they wouldn't have their own tools (they would have doors stairs slabs planks ETC). They would also be fireproof. The nether could also use its own mushroom variant(s).

    Also, sulfur, when combined with charcoal and salt (obtained when smelting water in a furnace or appears as an item when water is placed in the nether and evaporates) to create 3 gunpowder. It could be crafted in both the inventory and on a table, the recipe would be shapeless. 



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    Technodono commented

    The wither idea seems like a bad idea but having nether villages could be useful... I have an simmilar  post in a and maybe we could work together to combine our ideas, here is the link:https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360035231311-Complete-nether-overhaul-links-enclosed- 

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    A lot of Nether EX's additions are fair additions to the nether. I especially would love to see those vines added to the nether, along with thorny plants here and there.

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    Cookazoo2 commented

    OK, a few things:

    -I would like to see some variation in the Nether, but remember: the harder you make the Nether, the less people will want to enter it at the tier it's accessible.

    -Netherrack is an extremely soft hard block, which is weird, but I think we should have a "hard" Nether block– as a suggestion, Dark Netherrack. It would be longer to mine it, and would also have a larger blast resistance, too.

    -However, I am not completely opposed to what you think about the Nether Villages. They would be extremely rewarding to find, but maybe it would be a bit harder than a regular village because they have Zombie Pigmen. Maybe Possessed Pigmen which were controlled by a Demon Lich, and would become passive once you ended the Lich's curse? (by killing)

    -Altogether, well thought-out, but Netherwood would maybe have to have Coarse Dirt to grow, and would summon Thorn Bushes and Wither Flowers (Flowers already exist in snapshots and certain updates, easy fix there) in applicable locations nearby.

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    Killingec24 commented

    I like this, it sounds good.
    But we don't need quartz items.
    We only need Nether biomes and more Nether mobs like devils.

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    Yeah! Perhaps they could be called "Withermites" and float around with only one head instead of the three on a common Wither boss, and obviously not drop a nether star, but another rare item.   

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    I haven't seen this yet, but instead of nether villages, what about nether vaults/compounds?

    They would be 'self-sustaining' areas that could be come across in mining. They shouldn't be able to be spotted without mining, either. The non-zombie pigmen inside and any useful items found within could add incentive to mine in that lava-filled dimension.

    This came about from thinking how apocalyptic the nether is, and how a community is portrayed to live in apocalyptic circumstances. 

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    Jacob Daszuta commented

    I dont agree with adding trees to the nether, or for zombie pigmen to be villagers, or for there to be villages in general. Instead there should be fortresses with normal pigmen, which is what villagers were supposed to be to begin with. They would have their own unique trades and most of the time the fortress should spawn on lava, surrounded by walls so no zombie pigmen can get in. There could also be an achievement/advancement to escort a pigman into the overworld, and for there to be warrior pigmen to defend the village in the nether, so if you escort a warrior pigman to the overworld he will fight for you. 

    This might be a bit too far but if mojang can they should also make the pigmen be more useful than normal villagers, as in, you can command a pigman to farm a certain area of land and put the stuff in the chest after they take their own share, which would be like 10%, and maybe even sorting pigmen, where you assign blocks to a chest and they sort all chests in the area to the correct one. a bit farfetched but i wish.

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    Agreed.Just watch this video and you get my ideas:

    [Youtube link removed by admin. The Feedback site is not a vehicle to promote Youtube videos, however well intentioned.

    Please provide more context for your postings, and not just a link. Include all information you want people to see inside your comments - not everyone can visit YouTube!]

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    Jmoney814925 commented

    maybe the new "tree" that would be nether wart could resemble like what we have with giant mushrooms and if you bone meal a fully grown nether wart it can grow into a tree version like what we have with mushrooms 

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    Blast Burner commented

    Ok. Nice.

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    Azrhei commented

    Withermites, or maybe nether vex? But summoned by a nether mob, maybe wither skeletons. Also, I think wither rose shoukd be a rare drop from wither skeletons.

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    Azrhei commented

    Nether variants of all the ones except 3x more rare than overworld counterparts. And smelting in blast furnace yields double the ingots. Abd I would like biomes in the nether, maybe new mushrom variants and tall mushrom variants . And more nether structures. The overworld keeps getting more and more while the nether is neglected.

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    LikaLarukuToo commented

    I've seen a very old mod that had netherrack trees with glowstone leaves. They would work nicely in the Nether.

    When I visit the fortresses, I run into walls & get completely because they are so dark & adding torches & glowstone does not alleviate this.

    I agree with having villages, but I'd go with a new species; Imps. It's hard to trade with something that wants to eat your brains.

    The nether needs more color, it's too red. It's easy to get lost & never find your way back to a portal or fortress.

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    An interesting idea, but it is very true that the nether could use some updates.

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    DTCGAMING99 commented

    I would love to see a dungeon in the nether made of bedrock making it unable to cheat your way in and fight loads of Nether mobs such as Either Skeletons, Blazes etc.
    And the there would be an arena by the end where you can fight a the Wither Boss or maybe put in some kind of new Boss, since you can fight the Wither pretty much anywhere.
    Wooden to Diamond tools are already fine so a new set of tools isn't really needed maybe a new set of ores for more decoration blocks for the nether like soul lamps or chandeliers maybe even a new kind of Shield maybe? Since Shields break easily without enchantments.
    I hope this Idea gets to Mojang so they could at least implement the nether dungeons I was talking about earlier.

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    GR33N R4V3N commented

    If they have naturally spawned withers are weaker than they could have them drop fragments in stead of the whole star but like wither skelentons theirs a chance they dont drop the fragment 

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    The nether is indeed lacking, but several of these ideas are just a bit ambitious. They might be too unbalancing, and feel wrong in the game for many.

    Maybe not these specifically, but the nether could use some biome variety!