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(Minecoins) Free minecoins while signed in to Xbox live

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    Vegerotto72 commented

    Minecraft coins are physical money in micro currency form, giving them away for a mandatory part of the game makes no sense and would be making mojang/Microsoft lose money. Think of begging for Minecraft coins like begging for a $1.99-$50.00 gift card/PayPal from the developers on a feedback site, because that's what your basically doing.

    Moving on from that you could get free Minecraft coins by using Microsoft rewards if your on win10/Xbox or google opinion rewards if your on android, any other platform and you'll have to find a different gpt site or just do work IRL

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    ZenjoOhSamaYT commented

    Lmao, just use your mom's credit card and purchase

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    AceShavy commented

    even though i already have minecoins, i think it would be great idea!

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    Why does this have so many upvotes for such a crappy post?

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    Fokuthefox commented

    I think that there should be in game points when you kill mobs but this will only work in survival mode there could be a shop in a village that trades points for mine coins this can be useful for the people who can’t afford mine coins but there will be a limited of 100 points at a time the point bar could be above the levels and there can be a point collector the limit is a 100 points at a time and these will sell for 20 mine coins and the bar will restart after you sell the points

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    Plz because I really want minecoins


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    Sure you cant spend half a dollar on minecoins and buy it but as you want
    ---\__(- _- )__/---

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    I agree because my mom won't let me buy coins so I like this idea maybe add a wheel which you can only spin once a day or something.

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    Yeah... This aint gonna happen

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    Ff Fff commented


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    Anbrey Ronde commented

    Please shared this idea so they can have some minicoins

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    Rainbow Cake commented

    Really this idea would have worked a long time ago
    If this was not Real Money converted into
    Game points

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    Dr Doctor1O8 commented

    I like the idea 💡 and I think it should be about hmm 500 a week



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    Dr Doctor1O8 commented

    Pls do it if you don't i will still be happy ☺

     So don't worry about me complaining about it because I am

    Not fussed witch one wins

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    jeech2011 commented

    They should have a similar feature, something that doesn't just pay you for being on it. Maybe some reward system, like your first ever diamond, gives you a small amount of Minecoins

    Something simple and accessable, but not exploitable or just "FREE MONEy"