If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.

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    wpg204420 commented

    I like this one please add like a engine for 1 villager each bed you make. Or atleast make the trading with villagers increase the chance of giving a villager egg out of each transaction with a villager. On survival i make villages without creative and use lots of dedication ever since the infinite resources update. I like this one out of all I seen so far, also please vote for me, Shields update. I hate the dual wield question and think they should ignore thus far it will look silly having to put your sword in your extra armor slot. Also please let us know if you can add more slots for maps and backpacks to increase inventories which will be amazing. 

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    ClayGoddessSari commented

    It seems hard to code and unnecessary...  Chances are, in order to make it not finicky about the structures, they would end up being almost as basic as the current mechanic of a house (according to a villager) being a door that has more “roof” on one side than the other.  So it would be able to be exploited to the extreme, with technical players able to summon the kind of villager they want at will.

    It is already so easy to start a village.  After all, all it takes is stealing two villagers from a different village and setting up enough doors and a food supply to get them breeding.  And there is the other option of curing two zombie villagers and starting the breeding with those if you happen to be somewhere with no accessible villages.

    i work with villagers in every world I start, and I do so by finding a village and protecting its inhabitants in their houses so I have a population to work from.

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    SarcasticAdmin commented

    It would defeat the purpose of finding villages though, would it not?

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    huntmom06 commented

    It seems like this would be very hard to code, but if the Minecraft team manages to do it, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

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    UnlistedMonk commented

    @ sarcasticadmin. Thank you for you question. First I would imagine there would still be a want to search for villages due to their resources: chests with loot, farming food, bookshelves, etc. Second I would suggest the same could be said about the current state of the game. If all you want are villagers, find one and you're done. Thank you for your input. Hope this helps.

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    breonna goodwin commented


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    RetroXZ / commented

    the idea is too crazy and coOL! but wait, it reminds me of terraria. the game i hate it. i also think villagers are simple people, they cant travel and decide to live on a house or not. but i voted anyway.

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    firelink24 commented

    Maybe if you, i dunno, i'm just brainstorming, shear a villager it will give you a villager head that if you put in an item frame in a house a villager will move in.

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    algore1992 commented

    Was literally about to post the same suggestion until I saw this. Terraria (which Notch when he owned MC acknowledged as a great competitor, although I think MC is superior) does this where the NPC's move in of you build a home for them. I would love it in Minecraft since finding villages can be annoying, and designing your own fancy village purely in survival would be really fun. Since when playing alone villagers are awesome IMO.

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    InsideWindows26 commented

    That would be a nightmare to code, and, the wrong villager might move in to the wrong house. Sorry, but I can’t support your idea.

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    Ethan Lawrance commented

    I've been wanting this idea for so long because whenever i'm in survival it is so hard to find gold to make a golden apple and also making a weakness potion. I wish this was added into the game

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