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Instant Shift (Mobile)


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    PCScreen commented
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    They made it that way so that you don't accidentally toggle it. Imagine if you were in a ledge crouching and you accidentally touched the crouch button (because it's so close to the dpad). On the current version, nothing would happen. With instant shift, however, you'd falling for your death. Even if they added it as an option I doubt anyone would use it after the first mishap

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    PCScreen ik when i wanna click my shift button and i use a texture pack that makes my buttons invis and i can still click it when i want to. Id be much easier for me to do fun things with shifting like shift at my friends faster and punch em and itd be alot easier for me personally to shift.

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    KnottyJetre commented
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    This is a really good idea. It would be great if instead of holding down the crouch button, that there's a option to remove the two tap delay. This would improve combat in mobile allowing players to not be stuck behind the shield when in combat.
    Example: a skeleton fire an arrow. Because of the delay tap, the player depending on the distance would be struck by the arrow or be able to block it. The closer they are to the skeleton the less time they have to block. They would need to be extremely quick at tapping to block that arrow. With the option to hold instead, they would only need to press it down once, they be free to attack afterwards without the mobility plenty of having the shield up (again because of the two pat delay.)
    Minecraft kept the option to allow players to switch the crouch with the jump to the old controls. This I find to be great for strafing.
    If holding the crouch is going to be a problem. They always can have it so if you tap twice, it would remain the same automatic hold down crouch, but when you need to block at least, you can hold down the button.
    This movement that can allow someone in PVP or PVE on mobile to be close enough in to compete with someone on console or PC.
    Also I would like a old feature back which is pointless allowing mobile players to swing their fist, tools and weapon around. The pc and console player can do it, why not mobile?