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Virtual joystick (mobile)


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    ChromaberryX commented
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    I agree a virtual joystick is very necessary because sliding your thumb is more intuitive than having to lift it many times to press the 4 directions on a virtual d-pad (especially to get over that crouch button). 

    Crouch can be double tap when the stick is centered. Swiping up twice makes you sprint but something tells me this doesn't seem as easy as it sounds.

    I wonder if a joystick shaped like an upside down generic keyhole would work. The round part is the normal joystick for walking, and the attached wedge part (which would extend upwards and diagonally) is the sprinting part, and it works as a visual indicator for sprinting. There should be some resistance when moving up towards the wedge so you don't accidentally sprint, so it requires more intentional and prominent movement of the finger for the stick to move into the wedge to start sprinting. 

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    Ich hätte zum bewegen lieber einen Joystick.

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    Please for the love of god have a setting that states that whatever side of the screen the joystick is on is just for movement. A deadzone for looking around.
    If your thumb comes off the joystick don't move the view.

    My left thumb is for movement; not looking around. That's for my right thumb and by god that won't naturally reach the joystick side of the screen.

    Maybe a joystick for looking around too?

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    Zorasama commented
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    YES Virtual joystick is the only think I want from mobile UI. It feels pretty dump to when I just stop walking out of nowhere because I slide my left thumb out of the direction button.

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    Skywars would be much more even with a joystick too because the ammount of times ive accidentally crouched or gone sideways by accident it amazingly annoying

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    Zedrig commented
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    this is really necessary, how are we still in 2020 playing with an static joystick, and a really terrible one, please pay attention to other games with virtual joysticks, and try to replicate that