We know you like redstone, but how can we make redstone better?


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    Celesians commented



    When remaking Minecraft for Pocket , we had to rethink how redstone works: we decided it’d make more sense to remove the bug - or, rather, never put it in - but offer an alternative, official way to achieve the same result. And so we’ve introduced the Observer block. It checks for changes in the environment and, if triggered, switches between emitting a strong signal and an unpowered state - but without relying on a bug to do so.

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    MindBlown101 commented

    Instead of making the all bedrock edition redstone mechanics same as java, why not just implement some of it. Everyone thinks that the java edition contraptions will be broken BUT they NEVER think of the bedrock edition contraption. What if making the bedrock edition EXACTLY like java breaks working contraptions in bedrock edition? What then? Change the java to bedrock? I think its better if they change the timing of redstone the same as java so it is more consistent and predictable.

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    SpecialisToL commented

    I've created two other posts that could potentially solve some of the problems people have been complaining about in a uniform way across editions. These would both be new additions, so they won't break any contraption in either edition. Check them out to see if you like them:


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    SuperCreeper404 commented

    Please make sticky pistons spit out their blocks when powered by an observer.

    I'v always wanted this.

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    KINGHYDRA912 commented

    I understand the observer part, but I just want true 1-tick pulses to work, and I want piston block pushing and any redstone action to actually synchronize correctly. This has nothing to do with relying on a bug (aka quasi-connectivity)(unless spitting out a block with a piston and 1-tick pulses and synchronization are bugs too)

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    Luke Tolsma commented

    I agree with king. I want the one tick sticky piston spit on bedrock

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    plxnetsxturn commented

    I Agree! I just made a post about this again Mojang if you see this please add it we've been asking for about 3 Minecraft updates

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    Nova "inkycatz" Barlow commented

    Hi there,

    Please don't re-post things that are already "under review". Thanks.

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    silentwisperer commented

    This! This all day!! Redstone on bedrock, is an absolute MESS. First of all, its random. Randomness ruins everything. Logic should never be random. Give us a reliable update order, if its the same as java's update order, that's great. Keeps everything simple.

    Furthermore, redstone is extremely slow on bedrock. Running at only 10tps instead of 20! Make that stuff faster please. Its annoyingly slow.

    Finally, we need block dropping. Yes sure, argue all you want, oh that's just a java bug. Well, its been in the game for years, its a feature at the point, and its extremely useful. Adding it to bedrock will allow for so many contraptions, and make flying machines much simpler and easier to build.

    Additional note, there are no good redstone contraptions on bedrock (for the reasons listed above). I'm basically one of the few people who actual make working things on bedrock, and its a pain. They suck compared to other platforms. Bedrock has no tech that beats other platforms. If the tech we do have gets broken by adding these things, who cares. much faster, simpler, cheaper, and better contraptions will be possible! Rip off the band aid and make bedrock have some decent tech! <3

    (also observers are NOT a replacement for quazi, but they are lovely)

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    RomaqRosher commented

    Block dropping... if we have a special "Observer Block", I don't understand why we can't have a specific, special piston... even make it "expensive" if you need. Instead of three planks on top, a plan, a slime-block (or just a slime) in the middle, another plank. Rest of the piston the same. The new block is a "grabber/ dropper". On pulse, put pushes out a block and lets go of it. On another pulse, if nothing is in front of it, it extends, grabs the block, pulls it close. It has the exact same effect as the current java one-tick pulse, but it is textured different, it has a specific, agreeable behavior just like observer blocks have, and it can fill the same function on both platforms. The "one-tick pulse kick bug-feature" is now encoded into a new Redstone piston block feature.

    While we are on the theme, to be PLANNED but not implimented until AFTER we get a new "kick-grabber" piston to play with... there really ought to be a *specific* new "semi-conducter" block made out of Redstone, Cobblestone, and Nether Quartz. It behaves like QC would behave "IF" it were a block and not a bugged "Quazi-bug-something" unit of space. This block conducts a redstone signal... except when it doesn't.

    How does this work? Heck, I've no clue. My working knowledge of QC is STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS/ HERE BE DRAGONS! Exactly the reason Mojang (rightfully, in my opinion) does NOT want QC bugginess introduced into Bedrock. But SciCrafters know how this block ought to behave. Some of the people reading and posting in this specific thread can give details on how this "not-a-block" works. We have Observer blocks. We *could* have a Piston Kick-grabber fairly easily, I would think. Why can't we come up with rules for a redstone semi-conductor, put these bug-features to rest, and have a cool new suite of Redstone toys to play with in ways we can predict and understand on both platforms? #MCParity!

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    Netwin commented

    How redstone works is one of the reasons why I prefer Minecraft: Xbox One Edition over Minecraft (Bedrock). Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is no longer updated and it also is not available to purchase anymore. On the PC you can choose between Minecraft and Minecraft: Java Edition if you prefer a certain way redstone works. Both versions of Minecraft are getting new features. When you have an Xbox One (X) and you don't like how redstone works your only choice is to play the Xbox One Edition. Not updated and you can't get new friends to join you unless they buy the Xbox One Edition used on a disc. When I bought an Xbox One, one of the reasons was that I liked Minecraft so much on the Xbox 360. There was no way to tell at the time that on Xbox the console edition was going to be replaced with a port of the pocket edition. The console edition keeps getting updates on the PlayStation 4 and even the Xbox 360 Edition now has more features than the Xbox One Edition. And the way redstone works is just one of the things I prefer from the console edition. Couldn't it somehow be possible to maintain the Xbox One Edition next to the PlayStation 4 Edition and make it a game mode within the Bedrock version, exclusive to Xbox? You launch Minecraft and can play with your friends on other devices or play the Xbox One Edition just with your friends on Xbox. The button in the Xbox One Edition that says that you can download the new version can then be replaced with "Leave Minecraft: Xbox One Edition and return to Minecraft (with unlimited worlds and crossplay)". 

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    GamingKing2436 commented

    I say that blocks that have quasi-connectivity should be able to be shift-right-clicked to toggle quasi-connectivity on/off

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    Joethar commented

    There is a great wealth of excellent tutorials developed by the community but they are overwhelmingly developed on the Java edition.  Here are a few differences that have stumped me when trying to follow various video tutorials (as of Bedrock version 1.7):

    For 3x3 piston doors:

    - Pistons in Bedrock seem to be a tiny bit slower, leading to more circuitry required for double piston extenders.

    - Sticky pistons do not "throw" their blocks when receiving a 1-tick pulse in Bedrock edition.  Is this intentional?

    For melon and pumpkin farms:

    - Observers do not seem to detect an update to a pumpkin or melon vine when it grows a pumpkin or melon.


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