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Minecraft's New Textures (Open for V3!)


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    Ben Targett commented

    [bug removed, please use bugs.mojang.com for those issues ~ admin]

    I'm also not a fan of the chest in the creative menu, or the fact that the blocks have no shading in the inventory. particles also suffer from a shading problem, making the way too bright.

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    DGAE0018 commented


    • Everything not in the "Negatives" section because this pack is so fabulous and I can't wait to see it complete and implemented. Love your work, Jappa!


    • LAVA (Stationary & Flowing) :: Opting to keep the cheese texture? Really? I'd much prefer a more desaturated lava texture that actually fits the theme of the desaturated netherrack among the rest of the nether palette. It's extremely vibrant and a bit too cartoonish. Realistically, lava wouldn't be as consistently orange as nacho cheese. There's rocks and stuff mixed in with it. 
    • GRANITE :: This can so easily be confused with dirt. I'd opt to either make granite less mineral-y (loose grey/white pixels) or make dirt darker. Dirt should be darker, too. 
    • COMPASS & CLOCK :: These remained unchanged in Version 3. I was thinking of removing those icky looking dark borders around them and maybe put lateral direction lines on the compass (so lighter, white lines on each N, S, E, and W axis pointing in their respective directions). As for the clock, the dark border should be fixed up on too. The clock should be redesigned to what is now a visual representation of what the sky looks like to something more concrete like old technologies. (Maybe a sundial where the shadow increases throughout the day and goes dark at night).
    • BOTTLE O' ENCHANTING :: I've always disliked the green "sheen" I guess that would be surrounding it. I'm sure it's supposed to represent a glow, but it fits the exact colour of what the liquid would be inside so much that it looks like someone broke the bottle open and the bottle started leaking omnidirectionally all around the bottle. Eugh. I would consider making the exterior bottle "glow" darker than the darkest shade inside the bottle. Or just do away with it. 
    • FLETCHING TABLE :: The "rope" around the entire block "holding" everything onto it looks insecure. I feel like the side objects (Bow, Arrow, etc.) should be held on with a hook (a few pixels above each "item" hanging on the table)  or something that is not a uniformly coloured brown line circumnavigating the whole block. Would you duct tape your tools to a wall or make hooks for them to hold on to?
    • GRAVEL :: You took the gravel texture and you put it in a blender. It is now Gravel Soup. When I think of gravel, I think of all those tiny distinct pebbles in an older drive way or something similar. I think improving on borders and making each pebble a distinct area of that block would make it a lot more realistic. 


    The pack is amazing! It almost entirely fits the default feel and accomplishes a new pixel art style. Just some simple small improvements to be made and I feel like it will be complete. 


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    Sou1Creeper commented

    I personally dislike the new textures, they're just ugly and I know I'm not the only one to feel this way. I really feel that since there was already a system in place to change the textures if we wanted, this wasn't a needed update. I would continue playing the game if they made it so default textures went back to normal, and this could have been a "built-in" texture pack that was just included in the game by default, for players to turn on or off if they WANTED. Minecraft has always been about creating and making things how you want, with the base game being simple so you have room to expand from there.


    I don't want whoever worked on this to feel bad, for the record, in a different game these textures could have worked. But trying to make a game made of blocks look more realistic just makes it look wrong.

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    DarkNeon64 commented

    There is no option to put the original texture pack on for mobile. Please fix this, I respect the new textures but I just don’t like them.

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    So, the new textures were implemented sometime last week in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.10 and... there's some things I'd like to talk about. 1) The textures changed in a recent snapshot, such as stained glass, "snow grass" and regular grass were not implemented into the official global textures. Please add this. 2) I am not sure if they are still planning a Programmer Art pack, but it was not available in the "Texture Pack" category. I've been reading these comments and it sounds like many people want this, so please add.

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    Eturnel commented

    The new minecraft textures are very good but I wish you would add a texture pack that has all of the old textures.

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    Hi. So before i start i just want to say sorry to those who spent months, possibly years, working on these new graphics, as this is a complaint. So, I’ve been playing minecraft for about 5 years now and i have to say that minecraft was possibly better provided with graphics when i started for example:
    GLASS- its way to transparent and plastic like now, all my builds have tured into somthing from a cartoon
    POITIONS- they are now way to round and smooth, minecraft is supposed to be pixelated
    TOTEM OF UNDIEING- looks like a toy, enough said there
    NETHERRACK- WAY to smooth now, should be riged and cracked
    LEAVES- to pattened: looks like terracotta
    Please change these and more.
    For me, its ruined minecraft XC.

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    Hi, me again.
    As others have been saying, minecraft now looks like one of the many knock-off minecraft games that try to be like minecraft.
    PLEASE PLEASE add a button ti go back to the old default minecraft graphics
    Sorry guys as it does look hard to make. All my thanks to Microsoft and Mojang for this amazing game but i dont like this new update much.
    Thank you.
    Good day all

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    Honkitha commented

    I really love the new textures a lot, but I have a few textures that I have some problems with: 


    Cobblestone: Needs to be a bit less shiny

    Tools: Maybe make the outline darker?

    Gravel: blends in with stone a bit too much

    iron ore: the bevel on the ore makes the iron part hard to see


    that’s all 

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    evanrv05 commented

    Okay i'm kinda confused by “OG MC Texture pack will be free on the store later” is this saying we get old textures? The old textures are great! love em. But will the old textures be available for java players? I know someone will make it one of these days. but a texture pack with old textures officially from mojang would be awesome. And this will never happen, but will there be old style textures for new blocks? it would look weird with new blocks next to old. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks!

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    GameJoshX9 commented

    I hate the new wheat textures, it's hard to tell whether or not it's time to harvest them since they go from green-golden-light yellow, the old ones went from green-golden brown with black tips, please change them up to either better match the old ones or a better way to indicate what stage of growth they're in.

    I also feel like the grass can be improved from the old textures, make the color of the grass brighter and more saturated, then it'll be like the best of old and new Minecraft.

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    I don't know if this is for the newest update for March 2019 but I'm new to this website and hopefully posting in the right area since my last 2 posts got deleted or disappeared somewhere. Anyway I absolutely HATE the new default texture pack now...it honestly makes me feel like I'm playing a cheap version of mc or something. The crops look TERRIBLE! I almost get confused on whether they are fully grown now or not. The only thing I like about the new update is the glass blocks. You can see out of them alot more. Other than that PLEASE bring back the the previous version...it just don't seem like I'm playing Minecraft anymore..

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    BethHasSkill commented

    I think stone walls could be better when stacked on top of each other.  Instead of making the bottom layer look like a row of pillars, why not have it extend up to make one large smooth surface?  I think this would look better for two or three layer tall stone walls.

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    eeveesan commented

    First of all, I love the new overworld look of crops, especially wheat. 

    The one thing I cannot get over is how melons look. The puke-yellow-green lines cutting through them make the textures look way worse than before. I honestly loved the old melon texture, the more subtle green-on-green pattern was great.

    One nitpicky thing would be the texture of leaves, specifically the oak leaves. I don't mind the texture so much, but something about them makes the trees look super blocky. Perhaps because old oak leaves had a smaller pattern it was a lot easier for the corners to blend away making them appear softer? Or more opaque spots on the edges to make it look less like a connected pattern?

    As someone else here said, stone reminds me of the wool texture. It's not a huge deal, but I wouldn't say it looks better than the old stone texture.

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    • Gold ingots look too much like butter for my taste. A palette change would be appreciated.
    • The original stone texture is irreplaceable. Please make that the default again.
    • I'd like it if there weren't any seams separating connected glass panes and blocks, but that may be better suited as something under Graphics Settings.
    • Please give the different sides of wood planks, bricks, stone bricks, and wool different texture(s) so that they line up regardless of angle.
    • Rotten flesh should be green like the zombies it comes from.
    • Get rid of the shield icon in the offhand slot.
    • Make the textures for armour when you're wearing, when it's in your inventory, and the empty armour slots match up.
    • It should be easier to tell whether wheat and carrots are fully grown or almost fully grown.
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    mbanders commented

    A comprehensive list of small details from the new textures that slightly annoy me:

    - The eye in a filled End portal frame does not match the new Eye of Ender texture.

    - The purpur pillar's top texture has not been updated.

    - The chests' textures (except Ender chests) have not been updated.

    - The oak sign's item texture has been updated, but the new 1.14 signs' item textures look similar to the old texture.

    - All signs' block textures have not been updated to match the new planks and logs.

    - Paintings' back texture has not been updated.

    - The regular terracotta texture has updated, but the stained terracotta textures have not.

    - The sea lantern's texture has not been updated.

    - The Ender Dragon fireball texture has not been updated.

    - The spawn egg textures have not been updated.

    - The top of the black cat's legs are white.

    - Emeralds are just too small. We don't really care if its texture is off-center or not; a lot of items' textures are already off center. Jappa had this texture right the first time.

    - The filled map's drawing texture has not been updated. (Java Edition)

    - The leather horse armor item texture does not match the rest of the horse armor.

    - The banner pattern item textures are all blank scrolls. We have never been given an official statement as to why they are all blank.

    - The colors of the logs' top textures don't match with their stripped log textures.

    That's about everything I have right now. I would like to see at least some of these issues fixed in future (pre)releases.

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    Canned Pianos commented

    These new textures don't feel quite right, they have more of a feel of a custom modpack from 2013 than a vanilla texture pack. Don't get me wrong, modpacks that look like that are cool, but not when it's for the unmodified version of minecraft.

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    iCaS 4 LIFE commented

    i hate the new mossy cobblestone, everything else is fine 

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    afamdrank commented

    Strongly feel that the original textures should remain as the default

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    I really do not understand the purpose behind making this change, the default, original textures are great, and have an iconic look and feel to them, I appreciate that you had at least, the foresight to include the original textures in the update as a secondary option, but I don't understand, why did the default look need to change?

    Things now look far too soft? I'm not sure what the word I'm looking for is, but I hope I at least get my point across. Minecraft had an iconic look and feel to it, adding Jappa's textures as the secondary option would make much more sense.

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    Giving my opinion on the textures is useless, Microsoft has created this thread to make it seem like our opinions matter. 

    Imagine if i had the authority to change blue to red for all artistic creations. Should i do that to all art would that be fair?????? 

    Why would you change all the quarts blocks so much. This update will probably be my last. The new variations of quarts could of been added in with the old.


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    gold9ninja commented

    Why did the graphics change so much! I could understand a small change to a coupe things but to change the nearly everything??? Isn't that why we have Resource packs in the game? Why try to fix something that isn't broken?

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    Angela Ross commented

    For the new 1.14 graphics:

    The overall new look is really beautiful and has a lot more natural looks to it. However, some blocks that were unedited now look strange and cartoonish next to other blocks. The main offender being chests, which are now very flat in comparison to the detailed shading of blocks and look out of place. 

    I would also like to be able to have transparent leaves on without having to have the graphics set to fancy. 

    My other main issue with the current graphics is actually a very small detail. When fishing, the little ripples in the water before your lure goes down was one of my absolute favorite little details that had been added in. I don't see it anymore and that's a real shame.

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    M10Serv commented

    Although they don't look too bad. The logs just, look, off.

    They still look a bit too glossy?

    There's something about the old logs that I prefer. Maybe it's the glossy and pink parts that makes it look off...

    Well, the planks look a bit off too. It's most likely that "nail" pixel that is nowhere to be seen. And they look a bit glossy too.


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    O really hate it ! You ruined like 90% of textures! Diorite was sooo pretty. Crops look like dried grass not wheat. Do you see how Mansion looks now?! A lot of repetetive, blury (or oposite way too bright), out of contrast paterns who mixes so bad... Glowstone terrible! Sand and sandstone half bad. Lapis lazulis block now is lame. Melon block looks like parody! Way too bright and cartoonish ! Im played like 15 min. and already raging! As an artist, painter i cringe so much that i cant play this game. So many mistakes! It looks like 5 diferent artist done it and never talk to each other and then just put their work into game without even trying to blend it. Add old texture pack on ps4 as an option or some of us just not gonna play it.

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    smokehrbar commented

    Sadly stone bricks are now difficult to use. It's a very important block, since it's heavily used in every medieval build. 

    The contrast between the surface (now very polished) and the brick border is too high. Castles and similar structures will become even more messy than before, since the brick border confuses and tricks the eye making the recognition of the structure harder (and your eyes more tired). 
    Here it's an example.

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    Bradhp11 commented

    Overall, I’m quite a fan of the uplift, but I’m obviously going to have a few gripes:

    1. Nether rack shouldn’t look as smooth as it is now. I’d prefer the original (even as ugly as it is)

    2. Beds look weird to me. I don’t think they need the pillow as a part of the texture

    3. Oak leaves are starting to annoy me because their pattern like design clashes with the overworld

    4. Totem of undying looks stupid now. Probably the only change I hate.

    But overall, textures look better than the original (I really like ingots, diamonds, apples and wheat crops)

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    I don't like it at all

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    I didn't read the previous 89 comments, so there might be some duplicate feedback here, but these are my opinions so far:

    Most textures I either don't care about or they are improved. Many are a lot better than before, like glass, leaves, mossy cobblestone, granite, netherrack and nether quartz ore, glowstone, pistons, spawners, iron door, web, fully grown vs. growing wheat, gold sword, horse armour, minecart with chest/hopper/furnace, end crystal item, blaze, skeleton and skeleton horse.

    But here comes the negative feedback, all textures that I liked more in the old texture pack. My source and the reason for the order of the items is this Slicedlime video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlnnn0hV6-U I recommend fast-forwarding through it to see the comparison of old and new textures.

    - I liked the old sand (yellow and red) more. Sand in real life has many different things of various brightness in it, especially on shores, where there are shell fragments, small stones, etc. The old texture made it look like it was the same in Minecraft. The new texture looks more like artificially produced or filtered sand. And that doesn't fit to Minecraft "natural" style.

    - The bricks now look blurry. No idea why, I think some textures were just changed by applying a blur filter to the old ones. Bricks are supposed to have a clear edge between the white and red parts, because they are two different materials. They shouldn't be blurry.

    - I personally liked the old side texture of jukeboxes more, that's just my opinion. But the top texture has the same problem as the bricks: Way too blurry. The black line in the middle is a hole, holes aren't blurry. Both the side and the top look like they were scaled down from bigger images.

    - I liked the old snow blocks more. They looked like lumps of snow pressed together into a cube, not like some uniform mass.

    - The wet sponge now looks moldy, disgusting. And it's also harder to differentiate from the dry sponge now. The old wet sponge had darker pixels in the middle, which is realistic, because a sponge starts drying out in the corners first.

    - All four mushroom block textures: The white spots in the red one are now slightly red, again as if someone had scaled down a bigger image. The pattern on the dark brown and white one are now almost gone, which is a shame for builders who used them. Not all blocks need to be majorly one colour. And I also liked the distribution and contrast of the darker spots on the light brown texture more.

    - The fuse on top of TNT now seems to split into multiple lines as it goes outwards. Why? A proper fuse shouldn't do that. Are you calling us all bad TNT fuse crafters? :D

    - The lines in the white part of the birch door were previously more recognisable and symmetric. Now they are very irregular and harder to see.

    - The regular and golden apple now look a bit dirty, especially the golden one isn't as shiny anymore. I like that the bottom doesn't look like the apple is a tooth anymore. ;)

    - Baked potatoes look even more like bread rolls now. I already didn't like that in the old textures and now it's worse. I bet I could photograph a bread roll, scale down the image, change a few brightness and contrast settings and present you the image and you would not be able to tell me which of the two images is my photo of a bread roll and which is the Minecraft texture for baked potatoes.

    - Poisonous potatoes look really disgusting now. I like that they differ more from regular potatoes now, but this is too much. What is that green stuff even supposed to be, nuclear fallout?

    - Regular and golden carrot. That's just not how they look. Carrots aren't triangles. Those textures look like school cones.

    - Cake item. Not sure why there's a red blob in the middle of the white part, but it doesn't look good.

    - Flint (and of course also flint and steel). The old texture made it look like a sharp stone with a smooth surface, useful for making fire. Now it looks like a blob with some stripes. The iron part of flint and steel also looks dirty now.

    - Wooden, stone, iron and diamond sword now look blurry as well, not like they have a sharp edge. Especially wood and stone sword. Note that I listed gold swords in my favourite changes, they look really shiny now and have a sharp edge. The "pommel" (the round lower end) also looks better than in the other swords.

    - Chainmail and iron armour are now even harder to differentiate than before. The checkerboard pattern on the chainmail armour should be made more visible again.

    - Gold armour no longer looks golden, just yellow. It's cheese armour. The white parts that made it look shiny are now also completely gone. This has not happened for the diamond and iron armour.

    - The cauldron item now looks like the block was round, but it isn't. The three legs that were clearly visible in the old texture are less visible now.

    - I don't know what the fire charge in Minecraft corresponds to in the real world, but I can imagine that it's a mix of interesting stuff, which the old texture showed. There are mainly three orange chunks and some grey and black stuff around. The new texture is just one blurry circle, as if someone has put the old fire charge texture into a blender.

    - Donkeys, mules and horses have more coarse textures than before. That's exactly the opposite direction of all the other textures. I liked the old ones more. Unlike most items on this list, I think that the texture change can pretty much just get undone and it would solve all problems with it. The old textures were fine and already fit to the rest of the new textures. Especially the horse that previously was brighter at the top and darker at the bottom (both torso and legs had this pattern) now just has one colour, how boring.

    - Both white llamas now look dirty. As if they had lain in mud. Maybe they do that in the real world, but I don't want to have muddy llamas in Minecraft.

    - The wrinkles on ghasts are now way less visible (or deep) and even the eyes have less contrast now. They are meant to be permanently sad, grieving ghosts and having many deep wrinkles shows that. Another case where I think that the old texture was fine and could just get restored without any change to it.

    - Gold ingots have a weird orange outline at the top and left now. And they look even more like butter. They do look better than the old texture, but could still be improved by removing that outline. They should just look like iron ingots, but golden.

    - Paper and empty maps look almost the same. That was already the case before, but this texture update would be a good opportunity to make them more distinct.

    - The redstone torches on the right side of the texture of the repeater and comparator item have a more contrasting darker bit at the bottom than the ones on the left. They should look the same in my opinion. Or, even better, none of them should have this darker bit at all.

    Most other texture changes were good and I like the new textures in general more than the old ones. With these minor changes they could be even more awesome.

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    Silllyv commented

    I'm very disappointed in the new textures. The changes are way too drastic on some things. Most of the blocks are less defined and look less real. The redstone lamps. WTF were you thinking! I love those lamps. Now they are brown and ugly. I have builds on servers that I was very proud of, and now are ugly and embarrasing. The netherrack is boring... you have a whole world dedicated to netherrack, why is it now such a low-res boring block now. It's almost like the creator said "let's give everthing a bubble gum look and remove any definition and make everything low-res".

    This is definitely a step down for minecraft. So dissapointing.