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Minecraft's New Textures (Open for V3!)


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    Here are my opinions on the textures. These are only the ones that I feel need improvement or should stay exactly the same.

    Saplings: Awesome. The Spruce Sapling now looks like a mini Spruce tree in real life!

    End rods: I prefer the purple base to the gray base, as this better fits the End and End cities.

    Brick Block: Great! There is an odd texture on one side where the bricks don’t quite line up, but the rustic look is definitely more fitting for the type of builds it is often in.

    Ice: Also Great! The smooth “scrapes” look realistic. It does look very odd, however, seen sideways, as seen in Icebergs.

    Glass: I’m pretty sure that no one hates this texture, because it is much easier to see through.

    Ores: Fantastic! I love how the ores appear to be bulging from the rock, instead of just appearing flat, like it is a cardboard box.

    Apples: MUCH, MUCH better. I love how it looks very 3-D, especially compared to the old texture.

    All in all, the new textures are very exciting, and I can’t wait to have them as the new default textures in Minecraft. Thank you, Jappa!

    P.S. There is an odd texture with pistons, where the whole piston texture on the top, when facing a certain direction, is shifted backwards, so it looks like there are two piston heads. I am not sure if this is a texture bug or just a weird texture, but if that could be fixed that would be great.

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    Ender Gaming commented

    Stone has too much going on in it. It has too much noise. It should have a little bit of a simpler look.

    Snowballs are too blue.

    Granite needs to be changed: it looks like a chunky raspberry smoothie.

    Beetroots (item) are too small.

    Andesite looks too similar to stone.


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    I dont like the new wood plank texture. Its too round for my taste and wood is the one block i would love to keep the texture on. If the textures do change i would like to have the option to switch back to the old textures, like a built in texture pack. Ive been playing minecraft since pocket edition was released and i love the nestalgic feel of going back to PC minecraft and just starting a world from scratch with the blocks i love and have come to charish as a childhood memory.

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    Redo3169 commented

    There's a couple of textures that haven't been touched but I think should be changed as I feel they could be better:

    • Sugar Cane texture
    • the block breaking texture
    • the stick texture as sticks in real life are not just a perfect rod

    Also i feel the mushrooms are too tall now

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    I really think the new textures are nice but they really arent for everyone. I know Im probably gonna be creating/installing an "Old minecraft textures" resource pack (even though I like the new textures, Im just nostalgic for the old ones) so maybe you should add a button in the menu to change the game to the old textures. Just so that people who like the old ones can have them, and people who like the newer ones better can have them.

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    ilidans01 commented

    Please, give away old textures. The new ones do not match the game completely. They have lost their palette of colors, are fuzzy and ugly.

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    I only have a few texture complaints, those being the melon, wheat and possibly the gravel textures.

    I feel like the melon texture is just too harsh compared to the original texture, probably mostly due to the yellow lines running along it.

    The only major complaint I have on the wheat would by the second to last stage due to it being a little too similar feeling to the last stage, possibly confusing some players. The old textures had a nice clear indication between the last two stages with the green to golden brown tops. The new texture on the other hand goes golden to a little brighter golden, making it somewhat harder to tell the difference.

    And with the gravel textures, I feel as though it's just a little too soft and feels a bit too much like a stone as opposed to a sharp gravel.

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    OK, people. There will be a release of a texture pack called Programmer Art, with the old textures, if you’re nostalgic.

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    UhhLeg0b0y commented

    I agree with spacecatette very strongly. It may just be the fact that we're human and don't like change, but the newer textures don't really fit with the "Minecraft art style."

    Edit: I just noticed literally right after posting this comment that there is the "programmer art" resource pack, which gives everything the classic texture again. Sorry.

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    Overall, love the new glass textures.. one suggestion for clear glass though. I think the border and 'shine' pixels would look a lot less invasive if they had a similar transparency as the colored glass edges. Colors and everything are great, just the transparency. That's the main reason so many folks I know use light gray instead of clear.

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    hoover2800 commented

    Change it back, the new textures suck. One of the greatest things about Minecraft is the simplicity, if every item looks like a bad photo the game will suck.

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    TravelByTrain commented

    Some are okay, but most of them I dislike and even hate. Stone and andestite look like wool, oak leaves aren't blocky enough... They seem duller, and in some cases, more realistic in a bad way; part of Minecraft's enjoyableness is that it has some cartoony textures here and there. I'm switching to Programer Art the second I get on 1.10.

    Edit: I haven't switched because I play on a 6+ year old iPad so if I switch the thing will probably break.

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    sludger 300 commented

    It gives me a slight headache, is there a way to just bring back the old textures? Anyways, if I wasn't such a cridic, I would like it (kind of).


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    Okay so, I've been playing minecraft since the early days and I have a special place in my heart for all of the previous textures so I overall am not a fan... there are a ton of textures I do like - the flowers all look super great and I love the new crops(except for the melons they look weird) as well as the added detail of wooden doors and the added depth of stone. 


    However, there are a few areas that i think could be improved.

    Wooden Planks - they look to light and airbrushed over. A lot of textures in the update make me feel this way and I feel like it takes away somehow from the immersion. Everything feels more fake. 

    Netherrack - looks more airbrushed over again, before it was gritty and made the nether feel more hellish

    glass - I liked the previous textures because they had more detail and were not so smooth, had kind of a frosted look that i loved

    Sand - this is BY FAR my biggest problem with the new textures. It looks like flesh. And, minecraft has had the previous sand texture for as long as I can remember, and sand being basically all there is in a dessert, changing the sand texture is a giant overhaul and very distant from the game I love. If I could have one of my suggestions taken, it would be this in a heartbeat. 

    Beds - they look super flat with the new texture of the blanket. It looks very one dimensional and lacking in depth, like most of the textures i have problems with.

    Barrels - should have distinct separation. When a bunch are placed next to each other, like if someone were making a cellar, they all blend to make a mega barrel instead of a bunch of smaller ones.

    Diamond horse armour - i loooove the way the new horse armoour looks, except for the blanket on the diamond horse armour. The green yellow doesn't look great and I think something like red would look more regal. 

    Thank you!

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    koyzumie commented

    Carrots are too triangular. Round off the tops a little, not too much. I do like the bold triangular shape, it's just too geometric, looks like a orange ice cream cone with green ice cream 

    Horse armor is too flat on the bottom. The armour is meant for a animal, keep its share reflective of the animal. 

    Totem of undying is super off putting... Your current one is iconic and feels so eerie and supernatural. The new one looks like a gold chicken. I appreciate the thought of making it look like the villagers, but there isn't enough space and its comic looks takes away from the serious powerful nature of the item. Real supernatural practices do employ humanoid imagery but think of the wicker man, it represents a person without having to actually be a mini person. 

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    rogan hely commented

    The only problem I have with the new textures now is Hay bales and the Oak door and Trapdoor. The reason being is that they seem more colourless and less vibrant.  Also the second to last stage for wheat looks too golden and weird. I don't think these are major problems, but it would be nice if they were changed. 

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    Slugshrug commented

    Man, I stepped away from the computer for an hour and the entire look of the game changed. Not happy.

    The clearer glass is an improvement...making it completely clear would be better.

    All the other new textures look muddy and ill-defined. At least make it a toggle switch on the settings menu so I can go back to the previous look.

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    Xenosiris commented

    I was looking forward to these textures and now that they're here I strongly dislike them. I am really waiting on there being an option in the store to revert to the previous textures for free like the beta of the new textures.

    Stone texture looks like wool.

    Wood looks blurry.

    The textures that do look ok have poor color choice.

    There is something wrong about there being a suggested direction of light in the textures. The textures are not 3D so when you try to add shading to them it makes everything look wrong.

    My thoughts are that microsoft wasn't seeing enough resource pack sales so they had someone ruin the default textures as a cash grab to get more people to want to replace them.

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    I think that the texture update introduced in Bedrock 1.10 is absolutely repulsive. I have been playing for 4-5 years and I have gotten used to the way things look and have always looked. To change them after such a long time is a crushing blow to my beloved memories of Minecraft. It is the equivalent of me knowing someone for all of my life and then suddenly waking up to see them with a different face. The new textures are very bland and don't pack as much of a feeling as the old textures. They just don't seem as wholesome if you will. They look like someone took a beautiful painting and smeared it every which way. I have always looked forward to new updates in Minecraft seeing new things brought in each time. This is not one of those times. This update makes me feel as though I have outgrown the game and it's just not my time to play anymore. Please Mojang, restore our memories of the way things used to be.

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    Deutgi commented

    I HATE this texture pack. They've had the original one for almost 10 years- why would they change it now without giving us an option to go back? The glass is the only thing that looks good. I feel disturbed, going back into my worlds both old and new, and seeing my game looking like a "minecave" bootleg from google play.


    If you like the textures, that's great, but we should at least have an option to go back to the way we've always played.

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    OOFRANDAdDY commented

    Please allow us to pick which version we use, for free as well. Dont make it a different pack we must purchase with a game that is derived off one which thrives of community made content. Thank you, this is the only change i would like to see.

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    I love Minecraft so much and have played for a long time but I'm not so fond of the new default texture. I think it's a little too different and kinda looks like the knock-off Minecraft games. I would at least like to have access to the old default pack :)

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    Jetnick13 commented

    Please just add the option to use the 'Programmer Art' pack to the Bedrock edition (Windows 10) of Minecraft. I much preferred the classic 'proper' textures. 

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    I think there should be an option to go back to the old textures

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    friedcactus99 commented

    I know that u are trying to improve Minecraft but the old texture was better 

    i fronkly think u should have an option to change textures or something but if u don’t get rid of the new one

    it takes away from the whole Minecraft look that’s not plastic but not too realistic 

    plus some of the best block psttern combinations are ruined like sand and gravel due to to the ugly course textures

    please change this texture or have an option to please thank u


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    The only reason I can never get used to this is the wood logs and planks. I find the logs look really dirty and honestly, kinda blurry. I think that if you took out some grey from the colour, the pixels will be a lot more defined and look less like they were just in a sandstorm. The logs just look.... again, very dirty. The problem is varying lightnesses between different parts of each individual plank on the texture, resulting in the wood looking dusty, rather than polished, which I assume is the intention.

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    I have played Minecraft for almost 7 years. Seeing the aquatic update was a big jump but I later got used to it. I can’t take the new textures. They don’t look right on Minecraft and all my builds look weird. There are worthy reasons to keep the old textures. 1. People are going to want the old textures back and will download anything they can find; hundreds will download a virus losing all their data. 2. The texture is to real. Minecraft is supposed to be a plastic-like game, not like all the other rip-offs. The textures of high-def and plastic-like don’t mix. The creator put a lot of time into it, but please change it. If that isn’t possible, I would recommend a setting that replaces the new textures with the old ones. Could this setting also work with realms/servers? Or just make the new texture downloadable for free on the Minecraft store. It’s not to late to call it an April fools joke!

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    AntiMatterNVF commented

    Overall, I liked the new texture pack and I'm quite satisfied, well done Jappa!

    However I really really miss the old blue orchid texture, perhaps you could add a few more flower blooms, since real life orchid branches contain up to 6/7 flowers.

    Additionally, I think the the acacia sapling is a bit too thick.

    Also, coal and flint look somewhat too similar to me, maybe you can give flint a tad more contrast?

    Thanks, Jappa!

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    DrgonPlayz commented

    I have been playing Minecraft for 7-8 for me I am not a huge fan. I am sorry it kinda upsets me. I am not saying it’s bad but I would like it if there is a option to go to this texture and to the original. I am sorry but good work on it it was probably hard to make. I am sorry. Well have a good day

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    Ben Targett commented

    Please make it optional for Bedrock!