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Minecraft's New Textures (Open for V3!)


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    Abigail Fritz commented

    Ok, so this is going to be a fairly long comment, but here's the breakdown of my thoughts on the new texture pack.


    - Glass: the new pattern looks good, the added transparency adds to the aesthetic quality when used in large quantities

    - Wood: not good; the new wood blocks all seem to be lighter, so there is less contrast when placed next to other blocks in builds


    - Wood Doors: the added detail is a good thing

    - Dispensers and droppers: somehow the "faces" on these look even more surprised than in the previous version; not a good change.


    - Crops: great

    - Kelp block: great; the offset rope is a nice touch

    - Orchids: not good; the old version looked more natural; the organic curves and the shape of the blooms had a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing look than the new, blockier version.

    - Leaves: look more realistic, provide more depth when looking at large scenes

    Suggestion: Pineapples and coconuts would be a nice touch in tropical or beach areas.

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    We need this in the game because i try to build a house but it does not work because i don't have the furniture inside the house!

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    ClockSpiral . commented

    Barrels are good, but the texture still doesn't tile well. Most textures are good to have blend together, but Barrels are the kind that should be distinguishable between.
    And it's lacking in that area drastically.

    Netherrakk is also really good, but the issue is it's removed entirely the bloody aspect. It really "fleshed" out the gritty look of the Nether well.

    Pumpkins still don't have a proper underside texture.

    CMD Blocks had a nice contrast with the darker lines. There was no need to lighten them.

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    BethHasSkill commented

    Things I like:

    • food/growing processes
    • fences
    • leaves
    • swords
    • ingots
    • bottles
    • beds
    • flowers
    • doors
    • bones

    Things I don't like & why:

    • stone: it looks like wool.  I don't like the horizontal stripes.
    • andesite: same problem as above
    • buckets: they're too round on the bottom.  they look like they would fall over.
    • diamond horse armor: the yellow-green color of the saddle blanket looks gross.
    • mushrooms: they're too tall (especially on top of mooshrooms)

    Other thoughts/suggestions:

    • I love the variety of tulip leaf patterns, but they would look better if the leaf pattern was random no matter the color.
    • the new vines look "ropey" with lots of vertical lines.  I think that makes them look better in the jungle biome but worse in the swamp biome.
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    spacecatette commented


    I have been playing Minecraft for a long time (About 4-5 years?) I've witnessed things come and go, new mobs, biomes, features.. stuff like that. But one thing I've never expected is the huge update-overhaul on the textures. It's honestly very upsetting to me, being such a long supporter of the game. I know it's "fixing up the textures" but it doesn't look like the wholesome Minecraft that I like. If you won't end up changing your mind on this, at least make an option to turn on the original texture pack, it's the least you could do. ((ORIGINAL DRAFT OF THIS WAS NEVER POSTED, SO I AM POSTING IT!))

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    David Rusk commented

    Something I feel is always neglected when making texture changes for this game is the fact that frankly, bedrock's texture doesn't look great. It just looks like they upped the contrast on the stone texture and I feel like it doesn't really come across well that it is a denser stone variant. It would be great if this could be changed because bedrock doesn't even exclusively show up at the lower and upper limits for the overworld and nether respectively, it's also used in the texture for End Crystals and as the portal frames within the end itself which gives the impression that these features were using stand-in blocks until they were fleshed out with their own blocks that never came. Myself and many others would greatly appreciate if the texture was given a greater overhaul. Thanks for taking my comment into consideration.

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    Redo3169 commented

    Two things:

    The oak leaves look more like a pattern that you would find on terracotta (for example) than leaves with them all being at 45 degrees left and right and all being the same size. If they could be more varied and random so it doesn't look like a pattern this would look massively better.

    The Netherack looks way too smooth and plain, It needs to be harsher and jaggedy with more defined grooves and more gritty like how the old netherack looked like it wasn't just one material but laced with others throughout I mean it hell after all the stones aren't gonna stay clean, its gotta look hellish

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    Martin Villa commented

    Hate this texture pack when this is part of the game please keep available the current texture pack. 

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    David Rusk commented

    I would like to iterate, in light of two recent comments which seem very harsh in tone, that I greatly appreciate Jappa's efforts in creating the new textures and find them to be very good looking.

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    AlexLolholm commented

    Well this is gonna be a tough one as i can't play both versions at once very well.

    The netherrack looks softer and more comfortable than the old netherrack which is bad for a biome that is inspired by hell, the old netherrack looked rough and jagged, and was a bit easier to believe could burn than this spongy/fleshy look.

    The new windows are beautiful, they are one of my favorite changes to the textures compared to the old ones.

    Some of the new textures sadly still has a blurred look, and I hope that gets fixed before the texture update gets fully released, some examples are: the birch tree bark, and quartz ore.

    I like how the new leaf textures have more differences between each other than the old ones, birch and oak comes to mind, but at the same time I have to agree with Redo3169 in that they look like a pattern.

    I don't like the very noticeable horizontal dark lines on stone, I would prefer stone to look more like the old texture.

    I prefer the shorter fatter mushrooms from the old texture, they look more, I guess the word is wholesome?

    The new poppy texture makes it look a bit more like the old rose texture, now I'm all for bringing back the original rose, but I don't think that's what you were going for.

    I like the new noteblock and jukebox texture.

    I love the new ingot, diamond, and emerald textures, they look shiny and valuable.

    The new melon texture is ugly in my opinion.

    I agree with BethHasSkill that the buckets look rounded at the bottom, like they would fall over, don't know if it was a failed attempt at perspective, or what it was supposed to be, but it didn't work.

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    LindenNZ commented

    I have read and listened to a lot of debate and contention about the new textures so I have reviewed them myself and this is my feedback.

    For the great majority I like them a lot and they are greatly improved, including sand and sandstone.

    The biggest problem I have is stone.  I don't like the horizontal lines in it at all and that is a major texture down in mines, ravines etc.  (The same with unpolished andesite).

    Other blocks I think need improvement are:
    oak bark - too high contrast and too smudgy
    glazed terracottas - too smudgy
    prismarine - too consistent, not enough texture, bricks look bluer than regular prismarine
    pumpkins - too high contrast, I don't like the shine and shade on top and bottom
    netherbricks - I don't like the row of shorter bricks, particularly problematic en masse such as fortresses
    obsidian - too curvy looking, should be more angular pattern
    snow - too white, I like it with more texture and blue shading
    emerald block - much too high contrast too yellow, something in between this and current would be ideal
    gold block - also too much contrast and too yellow
    furnace/blast furnace - too big of a change
    smoker - doesn't fit with other textures, perhaps make the wood colour more consistent with spruce?
    redstone lamps - needs higher contrast, particularly when on
    endstone bricks - too much contrast between bricks and mortar
    quartz pillars - needs more depth, just looks like basic stripes
    mossy stone bricks - moss looks very fake (mossy cobblestone is brilliant though)
    glowstone - needs more colour saturation and has gone too far from yellow to orange/brown, especially the dust
    enchanting table - same issue with obsidian as above, colours need more saturation
    cake - too much of a change to an iconic item
    buckets - I don't like the rounded shape, an unnecessary change, buckets are more angular
    emeralds - too much contrast and the shading seems wrong
    ink sacs, dyes, etc - need higher contrast/saturation, too muted
    wheat (grown) - too pale
    potatoes (grown) - leaves could be made darker to differentiate from other crops and more accurate to reality
    beetroot - too red, not purple enough
    blacksmithing table - too red and too blue, doesn't fit with other textures - maybe make the dark grey more consistent with hoppers/anvils/cauldrons and wouldn't part consistent with dark oak?
    lantern - dark grey parts are too pale and too blue, should be more like hoppers etc too
    campfire - a great addition but the base needs to look more like minecraft wood
    glass - coloured glass should have same base texture as plain glass

    An additional block idea is carved wood, the wood equivalent of glazed terracotta with decorative blocks for each type.  

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    RunicZephyr commented

    Add the option to use the old textures

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    John Doe commented

    My take on the new textures.  Most are great, in particular the glass.  On most blocks I like the increased definition especially on cobble stone and stone bricks. 

    However, the increased definition does not work well on wood blocks.  It is ok when you have wood planks in small numbers but if you have a large wood structure each block tends to stand out.  This doesn't look good.  It chops up the structure in a bad way and it also gives the wood blocks a slight blurry appearance from some angles.

    Regarding doors. The added detail is great, however it doesn't work well on oak trapdoors and doors. For some reason the added detail makes them look blurry.

    Regular stone blocks-By itself the added texture definition looks good. However, when it is taken with dirt and large amounts of gravel it makes mountains look too busy.  It actually messes with my eyes quite a bit, especially when flying.

    I like the new leaves.  Much more realistic looking.  I think the new bark texture is a bit off though. Can't put my finger on exactly what bothers me about it.

    The biggest problems:

    - Glowstone.  The old glowstone had a really nice green, yellow, and brown coloring to it and it all contrasted nicely to make a great block.  Very good for chandeliers.  The new glowstone has no definition.  Its blurry mix of yellow and brown.  While it went with wood blocks quite well, with the change it does contrast well at all.

    -Redstone lamps. These were also great. However with the change they have lost the definition between the "glass" and the "frame" when on. When off it is even worse.  Instead of an orange/brown "glass" and almost black frame the whole thing becomes a redish/brown. The frame can barely be distinguished from the glass. They look better far away than upclose

    I appreciate the work that has gone into the new textures and many of the changes are great. But there are some that were great before the change and shouldn't be changed.

    EDIT: To elaborate regarding the wood plank.  The blurriness is worse with the lighter woods.  With the dark woods it gives each individual plank a "cupped" or bowed look (like you might expect to see in stone). The reason this is an issue is that in carpentry wood that is bowed or cupped should be thrown out.  Wood planks should be flush with one another.  On the old textures they had the flush look.  They don't have that now. 

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    Please keep original Minecraft textures. Add a place where you can change between the new textures (1.14) and the old ones. some people don't like the look of the new textures.


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    I didn’t want to have to make this comment, but it’s cone to this...
    I love MineCraft, so much. One of my favorite games on the world. But, this new default texture pack is bugging me. Like, a lot.
    The whole point of the graphics in MineCraft was to show that a game can be fun without looking amazing. This new texture pack stays somewhat true to that, but also throws it out the window.
    I hate this new texture pack.
    I don’t say I hate things much, but I do. I understand it seemed obvious to improve the graphics, but they were amazing as they were! That’s what made MineCraft special! Everything except for glass is bad. I like being able to see through the window without any pixels in the way. But everything else was bad for me. The most note able were diorite, wheat, poison potatoes, the ore blocks, and almost all tools, weapons, and food items.
    Look, what I’m trying to say is...
    Please please please please please with a classic price of red stone on top to keep the old graphics? Please? Everything new in the update is fine. Just, are they able to be in the original graphics? Please? I just want to be able to enjoy looking at MineCraft in the same way I did as a child... please...

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    SuperPickle44 commented

    Regarding the new campfire texture, I would try to replicate the current flame animation for the style of the campfire flame.

    As of now the campfire flame looks like its outlined in the darker orange while its filled in with the yellow, making it appear flat, while the classic fire has the dark orange outline ripple throughout, giving the appearance of depth. 

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    I agree with a lot of stuff people say here, this is my opinion.

    The things I don't like:
    the cacti, the new leaves (I think the worst part), the new dead bush (it is okay but it kinda looks like the flood from Halo took over a chicken foot) the sand is okay but I like the old sand a bit better.

    The things I like: the stone, the precious blocks (gold, diamond etc...), the glass, and the item textures.

    The leaves look too repetitive, and kinda like something you'd see on a sweater.

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    I personally liked the new texture pack, but I think that they should also give us the option to use the old texture pack, mostly because there's a lot of people outraging because of this change in the game.

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    wesley hardin commented

           Hello Minecraft Team, new textures are great! I do suggest making them not so, blurry? I do not know how to explain them. The old look of Minecraft did not blend and it looked in your face and not all smooth and blurred together, I think that is how Minecrafts textures should look. I hope you find this helpful in the creation of the future, and overall look of Minecraft.

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    JHoffman2003 commented

    I think lava would look better if it were like the old console edition and Java Edition lava textures. I like the bubble lava in Java.

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    Stefan C commented

    I think they're pretty good overall, however I still think there's a lot that could be improved with these textures. I don't have time go go over every single issue I have though, so here's just a few of the ones that stood out to me, and some suggestions for how to fix them:

    Planks should tile better. Tiling isn't just about being able to see where the borders of the textures are, it's also about being able to see repetition when there's a lot of that block. Basically, when you look at a lot of planks next to each other, you can see repetition in the pattern, and that's not a good thing. The fix is super easy - just move individual planks so that their edges don't line up with each other. Here's a before and after:

    Next up is leaves. Leaves have a similar issue to planks, in that you can see repetition when looking at a large number of them. I would actually say it's worse than planks, as you see a large number of leaves much more often. The highlights of the leaves are simply too condensed, in a vaguely vertical shape, giving the impression of lines. Try looking at a forest scene, and squint your eyes a bit - you'll see what I mean even more strongly. Here I've just evened out the texture, taking away the condensed bright areas - looking back I could have done more evening out, as it's still there just a little bit. Anyway, here's a before and after:

    Another texture I have issues with is sugar cane, which wasn't actually changed! Overall I didn't have issues with the old textures, but if I were to make a list of textures that absolutely should have been changed, sugar cane would be near the top of that list. So it's weird that it's one of the few textures that wasn't changed. It's way too flat and monotone, it should be given some more complex shading like other blocks.

    Next is water - granted, I'm sure it'd be hard to make a water texture that both tiles well and loops. If anyone can do it though, it's the Minecraft team itself. You can see so much repetition and the lines look very unnatural and strange, as they did in prior versions as well. I'm not sure if water was changed, it may have been slightly, however I think it's also one of the few blocks that actually needed a complete overhaul. Also, interpolating should be set to true for that texture, it would make the animation look much more smooth. I suppose it may be disabled for performance reasons, though.

    I may have some more recommendations in the future, but that's all I have time for for now. 

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    ShadowLord104 commented

    I personally I'm alright with most of the new textures but I would really like a texture pack that resembles the way things used to look

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    TekRantGaming commented

    Nether rack looks pretty bad

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    Mattias piatt commented

    Hi, I've been an avid player of Minecraft since 2009, and have always LOVED the textures. Seeing them change over the years for the better has been great. For the most part, I have loved the texture changes. Although I usually am not critical to changes, as you can tell, these new changes are the reason why I'm here. I have a bit of feedback on a few of the textures. They are listed by priority:

    1. The stone is nice for the most part, but I have a problem with how much a few pixels stand out. If you can, please smooth the colors out. There's nothing wrong with the colors themselves, just the drastic change of color from one pixel to another. It makes caves look disorienting. 

    2. The obsidian looks EXTREMELY jagged. If you can smooth it out just a bit, the block would be perfect!

    3. The diamond horse armor is a little too bright, and I feel that the yellow saddle on the back of the armor just doesn't look right. A possible fix is maybe a purple or electric blue saddle instead? Thanks!


    Other than this, I absolutely love the textures, and think that they improve Minecraft greatly. Thank you so much for ten years of great times!

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    I have been playing since the beginning, I think there are many new textures that can be added but changing the current default textures is a mistake. I don't want to see my creations change. 

    Honestly though who decided to change such a fundamental aspect of a successful game. If i players want new textures resource packs are the way to go.  My realm\world was designed for the original textures at default by all players. 

    There Is so many great ideas with the new update. I think developers need to develop not redevelop minecrafts current textures have more then proved there value...

    Imagine playing a classic game like Super Mario and Mario had a yellow hat :\\


    Image may contain: night, sky and outdoor


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    Please make the skeleton jaw bone less refined

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    Can you add a feature that allows you to switch between new and old textures I am not saying I dislike the new texture update but I would like to be able to access the old textures as well, thanks Mojang For Such An EXCELLENT Game

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    i don't like the new fern i loved the 2nd version

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    Jared Herman commented

    X Stone: One thing I need to criticize is the look of the stone texture, it looks TOO much like andesite, I think it is because of the fact that there are too many things "popping" out of the stone, which shouldn't. Stone is smooth, it shouldn't be popping out like andesite, so I think something more like the original design should be taken into account.

    ✓ Gravel: The new gravel texture, in my opinion, is great. It is very reminiscent of the old gravel texture before the current, where it had a lot more pinks and greens which I find good. I like how there aren't many large rocks such as the current texture, and how they are all small pebbles, which they should be, great work!

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    For those of you who are nostalgic, there will be a resource pack called “Programmer Art,” which will have the old textures, at least from what I heard. The new textures are great, and I’m glad they will be the new default.