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Please re-do the 2023 Mob Vote fairly! (Just to see the outcome)


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    Totally agree. The Case of Mob votes is that there is always a mob less striking than the rest, and that is unfair. It's not that the community doesn't love them, but that they are not capable of giving it functionality a little more in line with what is presented. For example, the case of the penguin as you say, but it also happened with the case of the Glow squid (which due to a MISUNDERSTANDING in the communication between the players, something nothing new to be honest, won), in the case of the Desert in the biome vote, which The meerkats did not point out anything obvious about what they could do, and they never said that the palm trees would have coconuts or anything. Lastly, another case that I remember is that of the Glare, which only part of the community could be interested in, since in Minecraft Bedrock does not You can see the light level, but in Java you can.