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Bronze Golem (Not requiring the addition of bronze)


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    As a follow-up to my post (sorry, ran out of room), this mob is passive towards players, unless attacked at least twice by the same player. it will then send out a single spiteful attack as retaliation. It will also spawn as hostile if spawned as the result of a monster. For example, if an Enderman placed the pumpkin on the golem, causing it to spawn, the golem would be hostile to all non-end mobs. In order to make this relevant to the game, supplementary code would have to be written that makes the structure that spawns the Bronze Golem more likely to be created by monsters, like if an Enderman picks up a copper block, iron block, pumpkin, or lightning rod, there is a chance that they will enter a "building" phase that sets crafting the Bronze Golem as their objective.