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- When buying something by accident in the Marketplace, you make a refund with the help of a "REFUND" button. Simple. (But why couldn't you guys add this in the first place? It is very important, you know)
- Aside from just looking at screenshots on the marketplace's texture packs, how about a TRIAL WORLD too?
- ORGANIZE the marketplace. Please. A "Sort By" button, a "Search" button, and separating purchased content and non purchased content would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

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  • Vegerotto72 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Why would you buy the mash up packs for the textures unironically? They're not good out side of their intended worlds most of the time (have you even seen the mass effect mashup textures outside their world?)

  • Zombiella commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is huge for me.
    I've spent a lot of money on texture packs (I own almost all of them, including the mashups) just in an attempt to find one I like (still haven't, they are awful). There's only a few screenshots to give you an idea and I feel like I've gotten robbed. I'd refund 3/4ths of my purchases if I could. :(

  • ShapescapeBuild commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    -I think an "Are you sure you wish to purchase this?" "Yes/No" question after hitting purchase would be the best solution to stop accidental purchases. A "Refund" button would lead to abuse quite fast.
    - When it comes to trial worlds for Texturepacks, I'm completely for it!
    -Organizing the Marketplace is a work in progress, I believe. It would definitely help to find that one piece of content that you wanted. I'm also all for a "Purchased" tab. When it comes to Worlds, that already exists when you go to generate a new world. It shows you the templates that you bought.

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